I'm worried about leaving my pets!
Amity Pet Care will take every possible action, to ensure they your pets are healthy, content, and safe, whilst you are away. We take down thorough details, on the Pet Registration Form, which includes everything from your pets diet, health, special requirements, emergency contact details, and Veterinarian details. We provide you with a useful checklist, to help you prepare, before going away. Amity Pet Care follow all service instructions carefully, in order to maintain your pets normal routines. If you're concerned about your pets being in an unfamiliar environment, the Daily Home Visits service may be the most appropriate. We will always seek Veterinary advice, when needed, and can even take your pets, to visit their Vet. To give peace of mind to owners, we can offer daily updates, via email, or Facebook message.

My cat is quite shy with new people, will this be a problem?
The Animal Carers are completely sympathetic, towards shy, or nervous cats. As the cats remain in their own, familiar territory, they'll be far more settled, than if they were to stay elsewhere. We allow every cat to bond with their Animal Carer, in their own time, and there will be no pressure, or stress, put on them. We have 3 of our own rescue cats-2 of which were saved from a house fire. Although all of our cats are so affectionate with us, they can become shy with new people, so we're completely understanding. If there is a chance we will not be able to physically health check a cat, we will try to do so visually, but all owners should try to do so themselves, before they leave, and ensure that they've had a recent health check, from their Vet. We have worked with cats of all temperaments, so we should not have any issues, but this can all be discussed, during your consultation. We recommend owners using either a Pet Remedy, or Feliway plug-in diffuser, to help their cat(s) to relax, or we can spritz some Pet Remedy spray.

How long can dogs be left alone for?
  • Mature dogs (over 18 months of age)-Up to 4 hours at a time during the day.
  • Adolescent dogs (5 - 18 months)-Gradually build up to 4 hours at a time during the day.
  • Young puppies (up to 5 months of age)-Should not be left alone for long periods during the day.

Which vaccinations must my dog(s) have?
All dogs must be up to date on their annual core vaccinations. This protects against distemper virus, canine adenovirus, and canine parvovirus. The kennel cough vaccine is also very highly recommended, but is optional.

My pet isn't up to date with their annual vaccinations. Will this be a problem?
Vaccinations protect our animals against many fatal diseases, which are easily transmitted. Although Amity Pet Care have good hygiene awareness, and standards, diseases can still be easily transmitted, even for 'indoor' cats. If owners miss the 'deadline', for their pet's annual booster, they may be required to re-start the vaccination course, to keep the animal protected. It is every owners' responsibility, to keep their pets up to date with their annual vaccinations.

What cleaning products do Amity Pet Care use?
We use whatever products the homeowners wish us to use and provide. We recommend recommend that owners provide products, like a pet-safe surface cleaner, a carpet shampoo, washing up liquid, etc, as well as plenty of rubbish bags. At home, we use a specialised animal-safe disinfectant.

Would it be possible, to have updates, on my pet(s), whilst I'm on holiday?
Yes. We're keen to offer daily updates to owners, whilst they're away on holiday, or out for the day, to give extra peace of mind. Daily updates are available via email, or Facebook message, from our official Facebook page. Please add amitypetcare@gmail.com to your email contacts, and visit www.facebook.com/AmityPetCare

Can/do you cover my area?
Amity Pet Care can cover most areas, within a few miles away from their address, in Redhill, East Surrey. For a full list of areas, please see the Areas We Cover page. Certain areas outside of our normal coverage area may be subject to a very small supplementary fuel charge.

If my dog isn't suitable for Day Care/Home Boarding, can you offer an alternative?
If this is the case, we may be able to offer a combination of Daily Home Visits, Dog Walking, and Overnight House Sitting. It's recommended that dogs are not left for more than 4 hours (or less, if they're younger), so we'd aim to work out the most appropriate schedule. Each Visit/Walk can include a 'toilet break', as well as offering companionship, and provision of fresh food and water.

My pet is on medication, will this be a problem?
The Animal Carers are experienced at administering medication, orally, within food, drops, injections, etc. We shouldn't have a problem, but we will discuss this in full, during your free initial consultation. We also take down emergency contact details, as well as your pet(s) Veterinary details, on the Pet Registration Form, and Veterinary advice will always be taken, should it be needed. We do request that all animals with health conditions have had a recent full health check with their Vet, and we highly recommend owners inform their Vet that we'll be caring for the animal.

Do Amity Pet Care provide any food for the animals in their care?
It's beneficial for animals to remain on their regular food, as any sudden changes in food can upset their stomachs, as foods need to be changed over very gradually if you intend on changing their diet. We ask all owner to stock up on all of their pet's' regular food, to cover the period which the Animal Carer will be visiting, plus extra, in case of any delays in your returning home. We are happy to provide treats for the dogs coming for a day care or home boarding service-we tend to stock low fat, fruit and veg based treats.

Should my pet(s) be neutered, once old enough?
Neutering (spaying or castration) has many health and behaviour benefits (when done at a suitable time), and is something owners should discuss with their Vet. Amity Pet Care can only accept neutered dogs, on Small Pack Dog Walks, Dog Day Care, and Home Boarding.

I'm not sure if my dog will be able to walk, for the entire duration, of a Dog Walk.
As all of our services are completely tailor made, we're more than happy to walk for as long as you think appropriate, and provide home company, or garden play, for the rest of the duration of the time chosen, for Individual Dog Walks. We can also offer Daily Home Visits, which can include provision of fresh food, toilet breaks, garden play and enrichment, etc. For Small Pack Dog Walks, we may be able to keep your dog on-lead, to limit their running around, should this be more appropriate.

I'm thinking about getting a new pet, what would you recommend?
The things to consider, when looking to bring an animal into your family are, are you able to provide exactly what that animal needs.

Do plenty of research, before getting any animal:
  • Housing requirements.
  • Dietary requirements.
  • Exercise and energy levels.
  • Training and behaviour.
  • Annual vaccinations.
  • Parasite treatments.
  • Neutering.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Financial.
There are thousands of lovely animals in rescue centres, throughout the country, who are all desperately looking for their forever homes. Please consider adopting a rescue animal, as it is so rewarding, and saves lives! Please also see this blog post: http://amitypetcare.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/thinking-of-getting-new-pet.html

How do you accept payments?
We prefer payments to be made by bank transfer, or cash, if you'd prefer. We no longer accept cheques. We take a deposit to secure any bookings, and the remaining balance is due before the service commences. For weekly services, owners are welcome to pay daily, or weekly.

What is Amity Pet Care's Cancellation Policy?
a. If cancellation is given less than 24 hours, prior to the booking starting, the full total must be paid. Eg, if a Home Visit is booked for the morning of Thursday 2nd, owners must cancel before 8.00am, on Wednesday 1st.

b. If cancellation notice is given 48 hours, prior to a booking starting, 50% of the full total must be paid.

c. If cancellation notice is given 1 week (7 days), prior to a booking starting, 25% of the full total must be paid.

Upon registering your pet(s) with Amity Pet Care, you will be asked to read our terms and conditions, and confirm that you have done so. These terms are in place, to ensure that our business runs smoothly and efficiently, as well as for the health and safety of each animal.