Dog Walking

We offer 4 different types of Dog Walks:

Small Group Dog Walks
These are 2-3 hour long packages, inclusive of a collection and drop off service, with an hours walk between, which allows for plenty of running around, sniffing, and having fun! It is a social exercise session, with a small group of a maximum of up to 6 suitable, friendly, well socialised, neutered, and vaccinated dogs (all dogs participating in small group walks must have had the kennel cough vaccine as well), which we carefully match by meeting each new dog in their own home for a pre-service meeting, followed by inviting the owner and their dog to have a trial walk with the regular dogs. The dogs are transported in our well ventilated 4x4 car, with custom fitted dog cages, allowing us to safely and securely transport them, and monitor them at all times. 

30 Minute Individual Walks
These are tailor made shorter walks, which are particularly good for dogs who can't manage longer walks, or aren't able to exercise with other dogs, or for owners who'd like their dogs to have one-to-one attention, and useful if you'd like to create a package with multiple services, such as one half hour walk in the morning, and one in the afternoon, to break up your dog's day. For our Individual Dog Walking services, the dog can remain safely on lead if required, and providing there is a safe place for us to leave our vehicle for the duration of a walk, we can walk straight from your home.

1 Hour Individual Walks
These are longer tailor made walks, for dogs who aren't able to exercise with other dogs, or if you'd prefer your dog to have one-to-one attention. You can also combine these walks with our other services, to create your own package, and as above, we can usually walk your dog from the home, so they don't need to spend any time in the car, and the dog can remain safely on lead if necessary, or until we agree that your dog has a very reliable recall.

Dynamic Individual Walks (30 mins or 1 hour)
These are tailor made exercise and enrichment sessions, with a combination of walking, fun agility, scent and foraging games, and basic fun training, for added enrichment and mental stimulation. Our Dynamic Walks, and all of the activities which we can do during the sessions, can be done on lead, or until we're confident your dog has a very strong recall. As the equipment is easily portable, these walks can also be started from your home, so your dog doesn't need to spend time in a car.*

*Note: We cannot undertake any behavioural work or work on any training issues, but will be happy to recommend a trainer or behaviourist.
What's Included?
  • A free initial consultation, to discuss the dog's exercise requirements.
  • A free trial walk with you, to introduce your dog to the regulars (for group walks).
  • Travel to and from your home (certain distances).
  • Water during a walk, during warm weather.
  • Checking/refreshing the water bowl at home.
  • A towel dry.
  • Dog waste bags, and any other equipment. (Owners should provide their own suitable harness, collar, flat lead, towels, treats, etc.)
  • Dynamic Individual Walks are inclusive of treats (owners should also provide their dogs preferred high value treats/rewards), use of agility equipment, and 10 meter training lead, etc.

"Amity do a fantastic job looking after my working cocker spaniel whilst I am at work, and are really friendly and flexible around my hours."
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