Dog Home Boarding

Our facilities offer a safe, controlled, and nurturing home environment-a kinder alternative to boarding kennels. We do not employ any 'host families', and we are not a franchise, so the dogs always stay with us, and we're licensed by the local council to be able to offer this service. We're able to offer companionship throughout the day, enrichment, through supervised, interactive play, as well as time to quietly relax. The mental and physical stimulation, helps to create a well happy, healthy, and balanced dog.
Our services are very exclusive, as we accept a select number at any one time, to ensure that each dog receives adequate nurturing and care, as well as being able to provide them with separate areas, during feeding and sleeping.

Trial Stays
Following a home consultation, we arrange for a time for you to bring your dog to meet some of our regulars in a neutral place, out on a walk. Following that we can schedule a time for you to view our property without your dog, and then a separate trial session for your dog, which will be documented by us, and any feedback given. This allows us to ensure that every dog feels happy, content, and interacts in a friendly way. All dogs are constantly monitored, as our priority is the well-being of each dog. We are unable to accept persistent barkers, destructive dogs, dogs who guard, or who are boisterous.

Dogs Have Free-Reign Of:
  • An outdoor garden area, for regular toilet breaks, play, and fun training.
  • A relaxing lounge, with soft furnishings, plenty of mats and dog beds.
  • A kitchen area, with drinking fountain, and where meals are provided individually.
  • An open green area during their walks (new dogs and dogs who haven't established recall will remain safely on lead).

Owners are asked to provide their dog's regular food and bedding-familiarity will help dogs maintain a healthy appetite and feel 'at home'. Meals are provided on an individual basis, separate from all other dogs. Breakfast is usually fed at about 8am, lunch, if required, at about 12pm, and dinner at about 5pm. If you intend collecting close to meal times, and would prefer us not to feed your dog, please let us know.
 Dog Kit List
  • Vaccination Card
  • Food
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Food Measuring Cup
  • Collar & ID Tag
  • Medication & supplements (please discuss)
  • Bedding
  • Plastic Bed
  • Towels
  • Lead
  • Food Bowl
  • Puppy Pads (if use)
  • Crate (optional)
  • Harness (recommended)
  • Coat/Jumper (optional)
  • Brush/Grooming Tools

Exercise Regimes
All dogs will experience mental and physical interactions, including supervised play, whilst at the house, and will also participate in walks (whatever is appropriate for their age and ability). From time to time, the dogs also get to do some fun training, scent games, and agility, for added enrichment and mental stimulation.

Health, Safety & Hygiene
Dogs are required to be fully vaccinated, including the Kennel Cough vaccine, and treated against parasites-we don't accept dogs showing symptom of infectious illness or parasites. We're happy to administer medication, for controllable ailments. We are required to have a scanned copy, of your dog's vaccination card.

We're unable to accommodate any unneutered dogs. Dogs must be micro-chipped, and wear a secure collar, with ID tag (with your Surname, 1st line of address, and Postcode)-this is a legal requirement. We will also attach one of our ID tags.

This service is unsuitable for dogs which resource guard, or play in an inappropriate way which could upset our other client or resident dogs. All dogs must have a good standard of basic training, and be confident being touched and handled. Home Boarding is also inappropriate for unsocialised or anxious dogs-the socialisation period for puppies is within the first 16 weeks of their life. Home Boarding or Day Care will not provide socialisation for these dogs, and is likely to flood them-our individual dog walking, home visits, and overnight house sitting services would be better suited. We urge all owners to work with a qualified, force-free dog trainer or behaviourist throughout all stages of your dog's life.

"Luke and Laura looked after my two dogs Honey and Bluebell whilst we went on Holiday for 10 days and we were extremely impressed with the service! 

Due to a last minute change in plans, we had to quickly find someone to look after our dogs and Amity Pet Care were recommended to us. As my initial enquiry to Luke and Laura was so last minute, I was not expecting there to be any availability, however they responded to me very quickly and were able to accommodate my request - in a matter of days we had met up for a consultation where Luke and Laura came to our house to meet the pups. I could tell instantly that my dogs felt happy and comfortable around them- they sat with them on the sofa straight away and did not stop licking them and equally, I could tell that Luke and Laura were the right people to look after my babies- they were very friendly and calm and gave the dogs lots of attention.

The dogs had a night and day trial stay and came back to us their usual, happy selves- so we booked straight away for the dogs to stay with Luke and Laura for the ten days we were on holiday.

Whilst we were away we received regular updates- there was a heatwave in the UK, so they made ice lollies for the dogs and kept them nice and cool which was really great to hear - they even took our puppy to her last puppy class for us for no extra cost, and took both dogs to try some agility classes!

We felt that we could relax completely during our holiday knowing that the dogs were being so well looked after.

Another thing I would like to mention is that Luke and Laura provide a very personal and friendly service - there were no demands for payment, no registration fees and they did not charge any extra for picking our dogs up. This really shows that they do their job because they love animals and not just to make money out of people.

I would definitely recommend Amity Pet Care to anyone who is looking for a pet-sitter and have already booked Bluebell and Honey in for their next stay.

Thanks so much!"

Emelye, Danny, Honey and Bluebell

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