Dog Day Care

Our facilities offer a safe, controlled, and nurturing home environment, within our own home and garden, allowing dogs to spend time other suitable dogs. We do not employ any 'host families', and we are not a franchise, so the dogs always stay with us. This service is 
perfect for owners with busy schedules, who wish their dog to be in good company throughout the day, and not worry about separation anxiety.  We're able to offer enrichment through interactive play, allowing dogs to healthily outlet their energy, as well as time to quietly relax. The mental and physical stimulation, helps to create a well happy, healthy, and balanced dog. Our services are very exclusive, as we accept a select number at any one time, to ensure that each dog receives adequate nurturing and care.

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"My spaniel has been going to day care with Amity since she was 16 weeks old. She loves going there. Laura and Luke are beyond brilliant with all the animals they care for. Very dedicated and genuine people. I would not leave my girl with anyone else :-) "

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Opening Times
Collections and drop-off's take place between 8am-10am, and 4pm-6pm, and we use our vehicle with fitted cages to ensure the safety of the dogs. We may be able to offer 'out of hours', at a small additional cost. We are available on some weekends and Bank Holidays, but service hours may vary, and there are some extra charges.

Day Care Trials
Before enrolling, all dogs have a consultation in their own home, to allow to make an initial assessment in a familiar environment. Following that, we arrange for a time for you to bring your dog to meet some of our regulars in a neutral place (out on a walk). Finally, we can schedule a trial session, which will be documented by us, and feedback given. This allows us to ensure that every dog feels happy, content, and interacts in a friendly and safe way. All dogs are constantly monitored, as our priority is the well-being and safety of each dog. We are unable to accept persistent barkers, as we are situated in a residential area.

Exercise Regimes
All dogs will experience unlimited mental and physical interactions (or as much as appropriate, depending on age and ability), including supervised play, in the garden, as well as plenty of walking. From time to time, we also do some fun training, scent games, and fun agility, which are great for added enrichment.

Health, Safety & Hygiene
The safety and security of each dog in our care is paramount. There are safety gates by the main, front door, as well as in front of the side gate, as an extra safety precaution, and the garden area is secured with strong, high fences.

gs are required to be fully vaccinated, including
 the Kennel Cough vaccine, and treated against parasites-we don't accept dogs showing symptom of infectious illness or parasites. We're happy to administer medication, for controllable ailments. We are required to have a scanned copy, of your dog's vaccination card.

We're unable to accommodate any unneutered male dogs, and all females must be spayed as soon as they're old enough, and we cannot accept any females showing any signs of coming into season, but we may be able to offer Daily Home Visits, or Individual Dog Walks, to offer companionship, interactions, and to break up the day. 
Dogs must be microchipped, and wear a secure collar, with ID tag (with your Surname, 1st line of address, and Postcode)-this is a legal requirement.

Regular cleaning is conducted, using a steam cleaner, and animal safe disinfectant. The environment is well ventilated, and drinking water bowls and fountain are regularly refreshed.

This service is unsuitable for dogs which resource guard, or play in an inappropriate way which could upset our other clients. All dogs must have at least a high standard of basic training, and be confident being touched and handled. Day Care is also inappropriate for unsocialised or anxious dogs-the socialisation period for puppies is within the first 16 weeks of their life. Day Care will not provide socialisation for these dogs, and is likely to flood them-our individual dog walking, home visits, and overnight house sitting services would be better suited. We urge all owners to work with a qualified, force-free dog trainer or behaviourist throughout all stages of your dog's life.

Dog Grooming
Dogs should be suitably groomed, and have their claws regularly trimmed-we'll keep them towel dried if they get wet, and we can offer a separate grooming service, including, brushing, bathing with special dog shampoo and conditioner, and spritzing with a dog grooming spray, before returning home. Please see the Dog Grooming page, for further info.

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