Cat Sitting

The Benefits Of Cat Home Visits
Our Cat Daily Home Visits involve taking care of your cat in your home, continuing their normal routines, as well as offering mental stimulation, companionship, home security, and are tailor fitted to suit their needs. Visits are available in a range of packages, with discounts for bookings of multiple daily visits. All of our Cat Home Visits allow for adequate time for all of our duties to be carried out, plus plenty of time to provide each cat with a suitable amount of interactions, and being able to remain in their own home environment is something the vast majority of cats are more comfortable with. Our service is far more than just a 'cat feeding' service, commonly offered for cats.

We provide a pre-service consultation to meet your cat, discuss their routine, and for you to show us where their belongings are kept. We collect your house keys, and to confirm any little final arrangements before you leave, and once you've returned home, we provide a post-service visit to return your keys, and to provide any final updates regarding your cat(s). Whilst we're caring for your cat(s) we send regular updates via email, or Facebook message, to let you know what your cat's been up to, and we also try to upload a few photos and/or videos, with your permission, to upload onto our Facebook page.

The Typical Cat Home Visit
Each Cat Home Visit lasts for approximately 30 minutes, no matter how many visits you book each day. We'll give your cat a health check, and we're happy to administer medication. We remove old, uneaten food, clean the bowls, and replace it with fresh food, and refresh their water. We can also give them a few treats, if you've provided any. We scoop out the litter trays during each visit, as well as other basic home duties, including cleaning of the pet's area, sorting of the post, taking the bins out, alternating of lights, curtains, and blinds, which really helps your home to look 'lived in'. The remaining time is spend doing whatever your cats enjoys most, whether that's having a brush or playing with toys, and general interactions to ensure they're content. We're happy to set a house alarm if you use one.

See What A Client Has Said About Out Cat Sitting Services

"Thank you Laura and Luke for looking after Buttons and Maisy whilst I was away. As you know I was apprehensive as this was the first time I had left them longer than overnight. Thank you so much - both of them are very relaxed and chilled. I will definitely be asking you again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services. Thanks again. Penni, Buttons and Maisy xx"

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Visit Times & Packages Available
Our standard working hours, are between 8am and 6pm, but should you require visits outside of these hours, we will endeavour to accommodate. For optimum health, safety, and security, we highly recommend booking a minimum of 2 visits per day, morning and afternoon/evening, allowing us to frequently health check and monitor your cat(s), as well as providing adequate mental stimulation and companionship. For cats on medication, please advise us on the most appropriate times for administration.

For owners who'd like their cat(s) to have care during the night, from late afternoon/early evening, until the morning, we also offer an Overnight House Sitting service. We're happy to discuss the most appropriate package during your consultation visit.

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