Cat Service Options

"Thank you Laura and Luke for looking after Buttons and Maisy whilst I was away. As you know I was apprehensive as this was the first time I had left them longer than overnight. Thank you so much - both of them are very relaxed and chilled. I will definitely be asking you again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services. Thanks again."

Penni, Buttons and Maisy
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Cat Home Visits

Our twice daily home visits involve taking care of your cat in your home (visits usually take place between 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm, and any additional daytime visits are done between the morning and afternoon visits), lasting Approx. 30 minutes. We continue their normal routines, as well as offering mental stimulation, companionship, home security, and are tailor-made to suit their needs. Being able to remain in their own home environment and territory is something the vast majority of cats are more comfortable with.

We'll give your cat a health check, administer meds, remove uneaten food, clean bowls, replace it with fresh food, refresh their water, and give them a few treats if you've provided any. We scoop out the litter trays, as well as other basic home duties (picking up post, taking bins out, alternating of lights, curtains/blinds, etc.) which helps your home to look 'lived in'. The remaining time is spend doing what your cats enjoys most, whether that's having a brush, or playing with toys.

Overnight House Sitting
For owners who'd like their cat(s) to have care during the night, we also offer an overnight care service. For this service, we arrive early evening, we sleep in your home, and depart in the morning. You can also combine the overnight service with a daytime home visit, at a reduced rate, if you'd like your cat(s) to have any checks, feeds, companionship, or care, during the daytime period.

Included in this service, is everything featured in the daily home visits, with the addition of care and companionship throughout the night-perfect for cats who enjoy a little extra companionship, enjoy snuggling up on their owner's bed, or are partial to a late evening or early morning feed. 

Cat Taxi
Amity Pet Care's Cat Taxi  service is designed for owners who are unable to transport their cat, such as for Veterinary appointments. We will ask the relevant professional (eg, the Vet) to provide any feedback, in a written format, to give to you, upon return, or ask them to liaise with you over the phone during the appointment. Cat owners must provide their own safe, secure plastic pet carriers (carriers must not be cardboard or wicker).

We are fully insured to transport all pets, but we are unable to carry owners. Owners are welcome to follow in their own vehicle, if required.

To allow us to calculate your quote, please provide the following details:
  1. The full address of where we're collecting the animal from.
  2. The full address of where we'll be dropping the animal to.
  3. The Nature of the appointment-would you like us to stay/wait at the appointment, or drop there and collect later?
  4. The time of the appointment.

Additional Services & Optional Extras

Consultation Visit Free Of Charge
Pre-Service Key CollectionFree Of Charge
Post-Service Key ReturnFree Of Charge
Purchasing Of Pet Supplies£5.00, Plus Cost Of Items
Garden WateringFrom £2.00
Out Of Hours Visit/Walk
10% surcharge (7am-8am / 6pm-7pm)
25% surcharge (6am-7am / 7pm-9pm)
50% surcharge (after 9pm)
Bank Holiday Services Double Rates

Twice Daily Visits
Both AM and PM Visits
per visit

Subsequent Visits
Eg, Both AM and PM Visits, plus a daytime visit
per visit

Week Night £30.00
per night

 Weekend Night £35.00
per night

 Daytime Visit + £8.00

 Weekday  £8.00 Per Half Hour + £0.50 Per Mile
Weekend£10.00 Per Half Hour + £0.50 per mile