-2011 Cheer at the bay camp-
Congratulations AHS CHEER - 2011 Top Team Champions!!!
It was a amazing 4 days. Full of hard work, team bonding, pizza parties, laughs, hugs, bumps, bruises, and a few tears.
We filled so much in to our 4 days, including a beach trip, pizza party, movie night and super hard workouts and performances.
I am very proud to say that we all hung in there and learned so much! I saw so much dedication and inspiring moments during camp, I cannot even begin to list them all.
A very special thank you to North Bend Cheer Team for their patience and help throughout.
Our moto for camp was to "STAND OUT", and you did.
Coach Mallory & I awarded six outstanding cheerleaders awards this week:
"Stand Out" Awards.
Hannah Hoff
Kayla Jones
Jontae Tonihka
Aubrey Bull
Kendra Rhode
Tori Tavolozzi
Congrats to you all! You deserved it!
Blue & white night... here we come!  
--June 30 2011--

Please note the changes to our calendar. Cheer Fest has been changed to accommodate dance camp. Also, we have added additional tumbling practices for the month of July after a vote to do so.

Cheer Camp is coming up quickly. At tuesday practice we handed out our updated calendar, cheer camp schedule, and what to bring to camp outline. I have also added the forms to out "forms/documents" page for your convenience.

A couple reminders:

1. We still have some June Monthly payments that are past due. Please send that in as soon as possible. July's monthly payment is due on July 5th.

2. Camp Authorization forms are due. Without these signed forms you will not be able to attend camp.

For those cheerleaders who are available we will be hosting a face painting booth for the Fourth of July festivities at the High School. If you are able to help out please meet Coach Mallory and myself at AHS at 12. All monies raised will go towards the AHS Athletic General Fund.

We will be hosting a popcan fundraiser July 8th - July 10th. 10am-2pm Located in front of the Amity Gas Station.

Practices & Cheer Fest are extremely important. Please make every effort to attend these valuable practices. We will be learning the routine that will be preformed at camp. If you can not attend you will not be preforming at camp.

Thanks f or all you do!

Coach Casey 


May 2, 2011- 


The new/updated cheers list can be found at the bottom of this page. Additionally, we have added stunting and motion tips to help ensure we are offering you up to date and the most comprehensive information possible. Check the stunting and motions pages for more information. 

Check back often for updates, and information! 



Congratulations, you’ve tried out and made the team. As your school’s most visible athlete you have a unique and noble role within your community and school. But before you put on the uniform make sure you understand the behavior that is expected by each cheerleader who wears one.

• When you decided to cheer you signed on to be an ambassador to your school. It’s important to keep a clean, friendly, approachable appearance. 
• Wearing proper, uniform practice and game attire impresses upon the fans that your team is organized, disciplined and can be counted on to represent the school well. 
• Light make-up, no jewelry and no visible tattoos. 


• Cheerleaders should be at the game a half hour or hour prior to kick off. Everything that is going to be done during the game needs to be warmed up before the game.
• Arrive on time and in uniform or team warm-ups. If you’re supposed to show up in uniform, that includes shoes, socks, bows, etc. Not finishing your ponytail on the sideline and walking in with flip-flops.

National Anthem

• In proper lines, with hands on your waist, behind you back or right hand over your heart, cheerleaders set the example of how to properly stand for the National Anthem. Everyone does the exact same thing.
• Absolutely no talking, swaying, or gum chewing of any kind until the final note is sung. 

Team/Player Introduction
• Whether tumbling out in front of the team, making signs to crash through or two lines to run in between, your job is to get the crowd on their feet for the team. The focus is on the team/players, not how well we can stunt or tumble. 
• We cheer for our team during introductions not against the other team.

• Maintaining good manners is important, as the cheerleaders are the welcoming committee for the visiting school and their fans. They are the guests and cheerleaders are the hosts.
• Absolutely no “trash talking” of any kind.
• One suggestion is to take a cooler of water bottles over to the visiting team’s cheerleaders before the game. You can also send over your captains to invite them over for a light snack at halftime. 

Scores and setbacks
• If you want the crowd to get involved, you must be involved. Appropriate cheer and stunting throughout the game. Leave the competition stunts on the competition floor. 
• The crowd will notice if you smile and are genuinely happy to be there. 

• Touchdown traditions are carried out after every score. 
• As long as the team has to play, regardless of the score, cheerleaders happily encourage the team to the bitter end.
• If there is a bad call and the crowd begins to “boo” do not join them. Counter it; the best you can, with a traditional chant to change the crowd’s focus. 
• Throughout the game, there should be minimal talking on the sidelines. People will notice if you’re interested in the game or more interested in talking to a friend.

Injured Player
• Take a knee, where you are, and stay quiet until the player (of either team) has left the field.
• For a prolonged injury, you may gather as a group. This is not a time to discuss future plans.
• Clap as the athlete walks off. 

Know Your Role
• As your school’s most visible athletes, remember it’s not about you -it’s about building a sense of community and school spirit at your sporting events and within your school. Whether cheering at games, running a pep rally, organizing alumni functions, hosting visitors, or competing, etc. always conduct your self in a manner that brings enthusiasm to your school and unity to your community.


APRIL 2011

Thank you for considering the AHS Cheerleading Program. High school athletics and activities can enhance the academic experience and allow individuals to further enhance their skills, challenge themselves mentally and physically, develop leadership abilities and foster life-long friendships. 

The AHS Cheer Program exists to support school athletics and to accomplish the programs own athletic and competitive goals. This can make a cheerleaders life very busy as the student will have commitments for camp, practice, games, and tumbling. Individuals trying out should seriously consider their academic load other sports or activities, jobs or volunteer work, and family and religious commitments. Even one person missing from a cheer activity can jeopardizes the squad’s success for the day. However, while the commitment level is demanding at times, cheerleaders’ feel a sense of pride and unity cheering for their school and are always amazed to see their skill level improvement by the end of the season. 

This year, we want to continue to raise the spirit level at Amity High School with more tumbling and stunting during games, stronger sideline performances and crowd involvement incorporation, and dynamic assembly performances. Additionally, we want all athletes to feel recognized and supported by the program.

We want this to be a positive experience for your family that you will look back and remember fondly.  Please let me know if you have questions at anytime. We look forward to working with you and your family.


Crystal Casey & Mallory Waite

AHS Cheerleading Coaches