Wildlife and Nature Photos from India


Captive Indian Crocodiles Turn Protectors

  • KOLKATA, India - Dozens of crocodiles bred in captivity in eastern India have been enlisted to protect their endangered counterparts in the wild and are being released in forests to scare away poachers, authorities said on more

Blue-ThroatedHummingbird discovered in Colombia

  • Washington- A new blue-and-green-throated hummingbird species has been discovered in a cloud forest in more

China Vows to Stand by Tiger Parts Trade Ban

  • BEIJING - China has pledged to uphold a ban on the trade of tiger parts, ending speculation that it would bow to commercial interests and seek permission to relax the ban for captive-bred tigers at an international meeting next more

Development Preys on World's Largest Urban Forest

  • MUMBAI - A protected jungle billed as the world's largest urban national park in India's financial capital is being encroached, built over and damaged as a rapidly growing city takes a toll on the forest's diverse flora and more

Drowning Deaths of Indian Lions Points to Apathy

  • AHMEDABAD, India - Nineteen rare Asiatic lions have drowned in India after falling into wells over the past five years, further endangering an animal threatened by poachers and raising fresh concern about wildlife more

Greenpeace Says IndianPort Killing Rare Turtles

  • MUMBAI - A port being built on India's eastern coast is a "killing field" of rare Olive Ridley turtles and other marine life, and should be shut down, Greenpeace said on more

Humanitarian Crisis Threatens Tsunami-Hit Solomons

  • HONIARA - A humanitarian crisis triggered by a huge earthquake and tsunami threatened thousands of homeless people in the Solomon Islands on Tuesday as aid began to trickle in and powerful aftershocks rattled the more