Amit Bhola

Production Engineering student, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India
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Although I am a Production Engineering student (class of 2007), I love C programming as a hobby.

I believe that perhaps because of freedom from doing 'professional' things, I could make some good programs that may be of interest to some beginners*.

Following are some of the programs I've made in Turbo C++ 32 bit compiler :


DEBACLE III            : A racing game

SUDOKU                 : To create and solve sudoku puzzles 

ANACONDA               : A Snake game

TIC TAC TOE            : Tic Tac Toe game; computer versus player

NUMBOX                 : A complete the picture sort of game 

COWS AND BULLS         : A game to test intelligence

SHUFFLE                : A game to test reaction times

CHAOSORD               : A simulation of mutating polygon's - From Chaos to Order

LIFE                   : John Conway's game of life   (From Robert Lafore's book for C++)


CALENDAR               : A calendar for 32767 years after birth of christ

DETERMINANTS           : Can solve determinant of up to order of 80 if data range permits

LINEQN                 : Can potentially solve 80 linear equations if data range permits

SIMPLEX                : Simplex tables generator (Operation Research) 

INTRPOLN               : Newton's Interpolation application

CURVFITG               : To fit least square polynomial

POLYNOMIAL             : Polynomial operations e.g. division, changing to factorial form etc.

PERMUT                 : Generates all possible permutations of characters