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Stanley Furniture Retailer

stanley furniture retailer
    stanley furniture
  • Stanley Furniture is an American furniture manufacture based in Stanleytown, Henry County, Virginia, United States. It was founded in 1924 by Thomas Bahnson Stanley, who later became governor of Virginia.
  • (retail) be sold at the retail level; "These gems retail at thousands of dollars each"
  • (retailing) the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers
  • a merchant who sells goods at retail
stanley furniture retailer - Stanley Bostitch
Stanley Bostitch Quick-Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade and Twine Cutter, Silver (10-499)
Stanley Bostitch Quick-Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade and Twine Cutter, Silver  (10-499)
Can be used with optional Wall-Mount Blade Dispenser BOS11921A with 100 blades, sold separately. Replacement blades (HUNX492/COS091470), sold separately. Global Product Type: Knives-Retractable Blade Knife; Knife Type: Retractable Blade Knife; Blade Type: Retractable; Blade Material: N/A.

The Stanley 6-Inch Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife starts sharper and stays sharper than standard heavy-duty blades. This knife allows blades to be changed quickly, with no screwdriver required. Blade features include a three-position retractable blade slide, a swing-out blade storage magazine, and an integrated string cutter that can be used even when retracted. This utility knife includes three blades and comes with Stanley's limited lifetime warranty.
Everyone knows the importance of the right tool for the job. Stanley's "Application Specific Blades" are designed with unique features for cutting drywall, roofing shingles and paper. Each blade is constructed of carbon alloy steel. With Stanley's patented S3 Technology, paper blades start sharper and stay sharper, roofing blades are stronger, and drywall and paper blades deliver more cuts per blade. The entire line provides better performance than standard heavy duty blades. View the comparison chart to choose the Stanley blade that is right for you.

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Stanley Desk
Stanley Desk
My new little Stanley desk and matching side table. Got this off craigslist from a seller in Walla Walla who comes to Portland every so often to make deliveries of furniture they sell. I may take Greg's advice and get a little piece of fabric and tack it on the back, to hide the many cords that all my devices need.
Music To Your Mouth - The J.Banks Team
Music To Your Mouth - The J.Banks Team
Neil MacKenzie and John Pigg from Stanley Furniture with the J.Banks team at the Coastal Living display at Music To Your Mouth.

stanley furniture retailer
stanley furniture retailer
Complete Built-Ins, Shelves and Bookcases (Stanley Complete)
Step-by-step how-to for popular storage projects, including bookcases, shelves, built-in nooks, benches, and window seats.
Basic carpentry techniques are clearly explained and illustrated with more than 700 photos and nearly 100 illustrations.
Complete instructions offer solutions for common storage dilemmas plus ideas for unusual situations.
A pre-start checklist with each project includes tools, materials, skills, and prep time required.
Stanley experts provide practical tips to avoid pitfalls and ensure success.