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Hide Tv Furniture

hide tv furniture
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Cheetah Mounts AS2B 2 Shelf Wall Mount Bracket for LCD, LED and Plasma TV with Cable Management System
Cheetah Mounts AS2B 2 Shelf Wall Mount Bracket for LCD, LED and Plasma TV with Cable Management System
The AS2B is a bi-shelf cable management system. It can be used with or without a Plasma/LCD mount. This unit is designed to fit under your display and provide an on wall solution for other components such as cable boxes, DVD players, game consoles, and stereo components. There are two 2.25-Inch holes on the aluminum plate that allow you to cleanly run your cables up to your TV or down to another component, as well as out the bottom to an outlet. After reviewing our competition we realized that most shelving units need to be mounted directly into a wall stud. In most cases the wall stud is placed to the right or to the left of the display, which is not where most people prefer to have their shelves mounted. This is still the most secure option however, after significant research we’ve fount that using the correct toggle bolts can allow you to mount your shelving unit wherever you see fit. With the combination of four of these toggle bolts the shelving unit is able to hold well over 70LBS safely. Each individual toggle bolt provides 75LBS of support. Please not that a good toggle bolt is still only as good as the quality of the drywall it is mounted into. If you have water damage or .25-Inch drywall please add a support for your shelving unit.

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Dad by the TV at 60 Turner Place
Dad by the TV at 60 Turner Place
Mom: This is Daddy at a TV. This was the "in" thing--a Magnavox cabinet. Me: It's funny that we have a bunch of photos with TVs in cabinets, but none of them are open. Mom: Well, that was thing in those days. It was very sophisticated in those days to have the TVs hidden. Remember, you're talking about those ugly tubes. OK, now, the sliding door to the right had all the controls for the AM/FM radio, and the sliding door to the left was the record changer, the stereo. And then you opened to the door, there was the TV. I guess it was called an entertainment center. Me: What happened to it? Mom: It came to Bellmore. We had it in Bellmore for years, and I guess it finally broke. Me: I don't remember the TV. Mom: Well, by the time you came along, it was nearly ten years old. We probably got a new one by then.
Entertainment center w/doors opened and hidden
Entertainment center w/doors opened and hidden
Solid wood maple finished entertainment center with weave finished doors to conceal TV (doors slide inside to a hideaway position as seen in this picture), clear plexiglass closing door for audio/video equipment, and drawers for storage on the bottom. TV sets on elevated platform that can easily accommodate a DVR/cable box or DVD player. Very good condition. A few small marks in the front on top. Outside dimensions: 61(w) x 56(h) x 23(d) Television area dimensions above elevated platform with doors opened and hidden: 33.25(w) x 33.25(h) x 19.75(d) Television area elevated platform dimensions: 29.25(w) x 6(h) x 19.75(d) Audio/video area behind plexiglass door: 19(w) x 40(h) x 19.75(d) $300

hide tv furniture