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Danish Furniture Designer

danish furniture designer
    furniture designer
  • A list of notable people whose primary occupation is furniture design and/or cabinet making.
  • a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Denmark
  • of or relating to or characteristic of Denmark or the Danes or their language ; "Danish furniture"
  • light sweet yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese
  • The people of Denmark
  • The North Germanic language of Denmark, which is also the official language of Greenland and the Faeroes
danish furniture designer - Danish Furniture
Danish Furniture Designers, including: Piet Hein (denmark), Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Hans Wegner, Verner Panton, Borge Mogensen, Poul Henningsen, ... Ole Wanscher, Cecilie Manz, Kasper Salto
Danish Furniture Designers, including: Piet Hein (denmark), Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Hans Wegner, Verner Panton, Borge Mogensen, Poul Henningsen, ... Ole Wanscher, Cecilie Manz, Kasper Salto
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Utzon’s Mushrooms in Esbjerg
Utzon’s Mushrooms in Esbjerg
This is the entrance of the Musikhuset in Esbjerg, a harbor city on the rugged west coast of Denmark. It’s a performing arts centre and was designed by the architects Jan and Jorn Utzon. To quote Jan Utzon: "Our intention was to design a building complex that, together with the city park and harbor area would create a festive frame around the artists and the audience; a building that architecturally would give Esbjerg a new identifiable element in the city." The building is situated in the City Park next to the Art Exhibition building with a wide view over the harbor and the sea. The light and airy foyer, with its tall slim columns behind the polygonal window panes, is like an open room in the city. The design of the entrance Plaza and Foyer, inspired by the trees in the surrounding City Park, is formed as a forest of "Mushroom" columns that organically tie the various functions together. The columns are designed as prefabricated concrete elements with the upper parts of steel, wood or plate construction. Perhaps the name Utzon has rang bell with some people. Indeed, Jorn Utzon is the Danish architect who designed the world famous Sydney Opera House. Although Jorn designed many buildings, the Opera House was his international break-through. Therefore, it’s was very unfortunate that he found himself in conflict with the Australian Government about the escalating cost for the project. Things heated-up quickly. At the opening of the Opera House (in 1973), the architect was not invited to the ceremony, or was his name mentioned. Jan Utzon is the son of Jorn. This photo is composed of seven individual shots. They were merged by using PS and some other tools at my disposal.
Danish Modern Teak Wood Dining Chairs
Danish Modern Teak Wood Dining Chairs
Vintage teak dining chairs made in Denmark, designed by Johannes Andersen and imported by Moreddi. Features sculpted arm and back rest, and a black vinyl upholstered seat. Signed "Moreddi" and "Made in Denmark." In very good vintage condition with some surface wear indicative of it's age; some nicks to the legs and some pinhole-sized snags in the upholstery. Measures 30" high, 21 1/2" deep, and 19" wide. Seat measures 17 1/2" off the ground, and is 18" deep.

danish furniture designer
danish furniture designer
Danish Modern
For serious furniture collectors, Danish is more than a pastry-it's an art form. Twentieth century Danish furniture design is simple and clean., mixes well with other design styles, and has an inherent value and history beyond its beauty. In Modern Danish, Andrew Hollingsworth explores the history of Danish design, from the earliest cabinetmakers' guilds in the 1770s through the impact of two world wars, and its evolution into the twentieth century. The book includes photographic surveys of Danish Modern furniture in homes across the Unites States; a market guide with tips, facts and resources that includes discussions of veneer vs. solid wood, places to find Danish Modern furniture, and a guide to caring for it; and an extensive resource section.
Andrew Hollingsworth first started collecting Danish Modern furniture fifteen years ago while living in Europe. Passion for the field led to the founding of his eponymous gallery in 2002 specializing in twentieth-century Scandinavian and contemporary European design. Since that time he has participated in many of the nation's leading antique and design shows, has made TV appearances and has been the subject of numerous press articles, including a feature story on the cover of Metropolitan Home in October 2004.