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creative furniture outlet - Switch Plate
Switch Plate Pear Outlet Duplex Light Switch Plate Cover
Switch Plate Pear Outlet Duplex Light Switch Plate Cover
Add warmth and happiness in an unexpected pear accent . This gorgeous three-dimensional switch plate cover is a beautiful piece, and so unusual. The green leaves are accented with just a touch of depth for a substantial, rich look. The high quality and classic design will make this a favorite for years to come. Perfect in the kitchen, bar, dining room, or anywhere you'd like a touch of elegance. High quality cold cast ceramic. Fits any standard single wall switch. Measures approximately 3.75" wide, 4.25" tall. Installation screw included.

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IMG 0135
IMG 0135
This is my dorm room. I'm an RA, so I have my own room. The TV used to be my monitor for my computer, but I decided to get some dedicated monitors. I got it when I was in a smaller room, and since it was my monitor, I opted to not get a bigger size. I wish I had something bigger now though, I think a 32" would be perfect, but I'm not complaining. I'm a photographer, and so the dual 19" widescreens are extremely nice. I will never go back to a single monitor again. I can also hook my computer up to the TV and use it to watch movies or whatever. There's two sound systems. I have an Onkyo 5.1 system that I have hooked up to my computer, TV, and DVD player. I also have a Creative 2.1 system hooked up to my computer. My computer is raised up on the subwoofer for my Onkyo system because if the power ever goes out, my mini fridges would defrost and flood my room (it has happened before). I had to make due with what I got. All the power outlets are over on the right side of my room, which is kind of a pain. Also, I don't get much say as far as furniture or paint goes.
The beginning
The beginning
It was strange finding this old photo, as it dates from a time when I had not yet quite found my miniature creative outlet (what an earth did I do in my spare time?!!) The building is a little kit orangery that I painted to imitate wood. Initially I never intended to put furniture in it, it was just something decorative for the flat. But pretty soon I could not resist digging out my childhood playmobil....and well, that was the start of the last couple of years of obsessive-dollshouse-building-playmobil-collecting-madness! And what prompted my first visit to flickr for inspiration. It's actually one of the first pictures I put on flickr...but for some reason I deleted it. Not sure's nothing special but I quite like it now.

creative furniture outlet