Bassett Home Office Furniture

bassett home office furniture
    office furniture
  • furniture intended for use in an office
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  • (Bassetts) Cadbury UK, a subsidiary of Cadbury plc, is a British confectionery company, based in the Bournville suburb of Birmingham.
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bassett home office furniture - Pontevecchio Writing
Pontevecchio Writing Desk
Pontevecchio Writing Desk
The Bassett Mirror Company has been America's first name in home fashion since 1922, when their family business was founded on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Four generations later, they make more than mirrors that are worth looking into! Their home decor division offers a wide selection of decorative mirrors, framed art and small accent items. Their furniture division provides occasional tables, large accents, dining and bedroom collections. The Bassett Mirror Company has the looks today's homemakers are buying! Their design teams travel the world and work closely with America's leading retailers to keep their products on the leading edge of current fashion trends. Whether you're an "empty nester" or a first time home owner, they have the look.

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Bassett Hall
Bassett Hall
Bassett Hall was built circa 1760 by Philip Johnson, and purchased by Burwell Bassett in 1800. In the late 1920, philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. purchased the house. He and his wife lived in it during the 1930's and 40's to be close to the restoration project of Colonial Williamsburg that he was funding. Today, the house and grounds are open for public tours. The interior rooms are furnished the way it was when the Rockefeller's lived here. Thus, it is quite different from the other buildings in Colonial Williamsburg, which depict the American Revolution period of the 1770's.
Bassett Upward
Bassett Upward
Bassett Tower is a landmark building in El Paso. Part of it's beauty is the Art Deco on the front entry way. Designed by famed architect Henry Trost, who designed numerous buildings in the Southwest.

bassett home office furniture