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Quality Inn Savannah South

quality inn savannah south
    quality inn
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  • a river in South Carolina that flows southeast to the Atlantic
  • A port in Georgia, just south of the border with South Carolina, on the Savannah River close to its outlet on the Atlantic; pop. 131,510
  • a port in eastern Georgia near the mouth of the Savannah river
  • savanna: a flat grassland in tropical or subtropical regions
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Savannah 2008 - River Street Inn
Savannah 2008 - River Street Inn
Taking up an entire Savannah block and wrapped around a central atrium, this five story historic inn on Savannah's riverfront is preserved to offer contemporary leisure and business travelers a taste of yesterday with all the modern conveniences. The Inn is located within walking distance of many of Savannah's architecturally and historically significant buildings, attractions and tours. Perched above the Savannah River from the bluff overlooking popular River Street, the Inn's past is intertwined withthat of its historic surroundings -which shaped it's design. From the building's humble beginnings in 1817, adjacent to the Cotton Exchange, the structure was used for the storing, grading and exporting of the city's main export of the age -- cotton. The original two floors were built of ballastones, and in 1853 came the addition of the final three floors to accommodate the expanding and prosperous cotton industry. Alleys, walks and bridges gave traders access to all floors from the bluff to move cotton bales. Known as"Factor's Walk," after the professionals who graded the cotton, these alleys and the riverside street of ballastone add to the Inn's character. These stones were brought in as ballast in the numerous ships that traveled here from Europe and unloaded to make room for valuable cotton. The surrounding buildings have a renewed life as shops, restaurants, and taverns, each with their own special quality and some "canopied" by the towering moss- draped oaks and azalea filled squares. Today, the Inn welcomes guests to one of America's most beautiful and gracious cities and offers the unique opportunity to experience a little of the elegance of this coastal city and those who prospered from it's charm and commerce.
Savannah snow nose 2/12/A
Savannah snow nose 2/12/A
Savannah is a powder hound. A suicidal one, apparently. When we have fresh snow her one desire is to get outside and gulp huge mouthfuls of snow, and she does this until she lowers her body temperature to the point that she starts shivering. Well, left to her own devices, she'd do that. She ends up with snow nose a lot, which could be said to detract from her dignified bearing.

quality inn savannah south
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