Amir Rozenberg


Welcome to my website. Here you will find some information about myself, my areas of interest, my favorite links and more. 

I am an entrepreneur, digital/mobile geek and a family man. I believe you can't have enough friends, so drop me a line if you're interested in a chat or a coffee. I also love to hear about new ideas in the mobile/digital space and in general, so if you're interested in flushing out an idea or getting an opinion, contact me.

I'm currently leading the core platform at Perfecto Mobile, looking at continuous quality of digital applications through the application lifecycle (design, code through production). Few years ago I cofounded a new mobile startup called Adva Mobile, enabling musicians and anyone who has fan following to reach out to them on their mobile phones with a rich media experience.

Most recently I headed Mobile Application Performance Management at Gomez/Compuware. We told mobile website/app/SMS service owners whether and how their service performs in the eyes of their end users at all times (is it down? does it even load?) and upon performance degredation, what's causing it. I took a product in it's infancy to 7 digits revenue in less than 2 years.

Prior to that I headed Groove Mobile's Direct to Consumer mobile music. Before that I was with mobile code scanning startup Nextcode as Director of Product Management. The product ConnexTo is a cool application that enables people to use their on-phone camera to scan a code and connect to the internet. We  launched ConnexTo in the Phillippines which was great to be part of.

Prior to that I had a number of technical and product management roles in the wireless space at TTPCom (now Motorola) and DSPC (Now Marvell/Intel). The wireless space is probably one of the fastest moving these days and I enjoy the ride.

I have a lovely wife and three adorable kids and I enjoy every moment with them. 

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