Amir Rosenfeld

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PhD student 

Department of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science

 amir.rosenfeld at weizmann dot ac dot il


I am a soon-to-graduate PhD student  in the Weizmann Institute of Science under the supervision of Prof. Shimon Ullman.
From January 2017, I'll be joining the Laboratory for Active and Attentive Vision at York University for a post-doc with Prof.  John Tsotsos 

My M.Sc in Computer Science was under the supervision of Prof. Daphna Weinshall in the Hebrew University.

My main interest is computer vision, for which the ultimate goal (as I see it) is accomplishing an understanding of the visual world which is comparable to that of human beings - or better.
Some questions I like to ponder : 
  • What is the representation used by human beings, enabling us to understand both simple line drawings and cluttered natural images? 
  • When is segmentation a prerequisite for high level vision and when is it a byproduct?
  • Will we achieve a level of scene understanding comparable to that of a human being without understanding how the brain accomplishes the task?


  • Action Classification via Concepts and Attributes Amir Rosenfeld, Shimon Ullman. (in submission) arXiv pdf . 
  • Visual Concept Recognition and Localization via Iterative Introspection Amir Rosenfeld, Shimon Ullman. (ACCV 2016) arXiv pdf . 
  • Hand-Object Interaction and Precise Localization in Transitive Action Recognition Amir Rosenfeld, Shimon UllmanOral, CRV 2016 pdf FRA_db dataset
  • Face-space Action Recognition by Face-Object Interactions Amir Rosenfeld, Shimon Ullman. arXiv pdf 
  • Globe imaging of 3D motion: Microphysics to centuries of change, (Talk) , D. Rosenfeld, A. Levis, I. Bibi, Y. Y. Schechner, A. Rosenfeld, D. Fischer and J.WoytachOral at ICCV'15 Int. Workshop on Extreme Imaging
  • Extracting Foreground Masks towards Object Recognition Amir Rosenfeld, Daphna Weinshall.  ICCV 2011.pdf 
29/10/2012 - a much improved version 2.0 now is available here (~350Kb)
Results on PASCAL2011 trainval set for download here (matlab format,~5Mb)

Recent Talks

  • HUJI Vision Seminar / 2016, June 19

My Best Results (and most important project)