Analysis of Ustad Amir Khan’s Vocal Style
Based on Elements of Music

Dr. Ibrahim Ali


In evaluation of vocal style of Ustad Amir Khan, we get great help from live audio recordings of his stage performances, gramophone records, reviews published in news papers and magazines, and comments expressed by different musicians. Since Ustad Amir Khan had made khayal gayaki his goal, so to evaluate his gayaki, it is important to understand generally accepted forms and elements of khayal prevalent at that time.


1- The Form of Khayal


2- Accurate Posture and Gesture

 [Shudha Mudra]

3- Accurate Voice

 [Shudha Mudra]

4- The Swara Aspect of Gayaki


5- Alap and Badhat


6- Role of Sargam in the Gayaki


7- Tan-Form and Characteristics


8- Laya and Tal Aspect


9- Raga Profile


10-Sangat [Accompaniment]


11-Rasa and Bhava Aspect


12-Adjustment between Swara, Laya and Lyric


13-View about Other Modes of Singing

14-Effect of Age on His Vocal Style

15-Important Reactions about the Style of Ustad Amir Khan