Ustad Amir Khan - Indore Gharana of Khayal Style
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Author-Dr. Ibrahim Ali

Forward-Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj

Some Opinions

Initial Period of Life

Learning of Music -

[1] Initial Training by Father-Shahmir Khan

[2] Influence of Other Artists on The Vocal Style

[3] Study of Karnatak Music System

[4] Devotion for Khayal Style with Practice and Self Inspiration

[5] Patronage of State and Migration from Indore

Gharanas of Khayal Style

Indore Gharana of Ustad Amir Khan

Introduction of Disciples

Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj

Ustad Amir Khan's Impact on Other Artists

Introduction of IMSOC Notation System

Analysis of Ustad Amir Khan’s Vocal Style

1- The Form of Khayal

2- Accurate Posture and Gesture

3- Accurate Voice

4- The Swara Aspect of Gayaki

5- Alap and Badhat

6- Role of Sargam in the Gayaki

7- Tan-Form and Characteristics

8- Laya and Tal Aspect

9- Raga Profile

10-Sangat [Accompaniment]

11-Rasa and Bhava Aspect

12-Adjustment between Swara, Laya and Lyric

13-View about Other Modes of Singing

14-Effect of Age on His Vocal Style

15-Important Reactions about the Style of Ustad Amir Khan

Experimentations by Ustad Amir Khan

Notations of Bandishes

Contribution in the Field of Cinema Music

Life Style


Dr. Ibrahim Ali


Ustad Amir Khan was an internationally acclaimed artist of khayal gayaki. Without any controversy, it can be stated that along with being a successful vocalist, he was a thinker, an innovator in the field of music, a setter of new trends, and also having an attractive and handsome personality. He provided to Khayal style such a peculiar format, which proved to be very effective and popular.


He achieved big successes in his life. His disciples and fans and experts, who came in his contact, bear witness to his valuable contribution. Though today he is not present amongst us physically, his existence is experienced. The real time of a great man is that, when he survives only by virtue of his work and its impact on coming generations.


In the world of music, Ustad Amir Khan is an ideal for those, who follow him. Who do not follow him; it is difficult for them also to ignore him. Ustad Amir Khan’s contribution is acknowledged as a link between the old conventions of classical music and new values. As per his name, he was ‘prosperous’ [Amir] of genius and imagination, based on aesthetic sense. He is considered as an artist of artists.


Even today Performances of Khan Saheb are preserved in the form of gramophone records, audio cassettes and CDs, and are available for desiring listeners. It is hoped that it will remain available in distant future also. The present and coming generations can enjoy by listening to it, and intelligent students of music can also take guidance from it in development of their singing style. Nevertheless, no authentic book has been written based on facts, determined after total investigations and research about him, which throws light on his style. Before my research project, the information provided in publications and in individual recollections, scattered here and there, could not fulfill this purpose. Therefore, I made humble attempt to fulfill this void from 1988 to 1993. From 1986, I am disciple of well known classical vocalist, Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj of Indore. Since then, I am receiving guidance in Khayal and Tarana style from him. Goswamiji is influenced by the style of Ustad Amir Khan. Therefore, I got an opportunity to receive training of Khayal and Tarana styles on that pattern. In my research work, this training was very much helpful to me in analyzing that style minutely. I am thankful to him for the same.


The result was that Vikram University, Ujjain [M. P.] conferred on me the degree of Ph. D. Music in 1993. Thereafter, my research work has been published in the form of book, in the year 2000, for the benefit of curious lovers of music. Vikram University had given a grant under the scheme of the University Grant Commission, and it was published in Hindi by Classical Publishing Company, New Delhi.


Now I am enjoying great pleasure to make available my important findings for the curious readers and searchers in the world of internet. I welcome your feedback, as it will increase this pleasure. Send Email to:



Forward-Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj

Some Opinions

Indore Gharana of Ustad Amir Khan

Introduction of Disciples 

Gokulotsavji Maharaj 

Impact on Other Artists

Analysis of Ustad Amir Khan’s Vocal Style


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