Research Areas: 

  • Network security, esp. of Internet protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, routing, Denial-of-Service, spam
  • Applied cryptography: provable yet applied. Esp., crypto-protocols for security, and resilient crypto (to exposures, cryptanalysis, side-channels)
  • Privacy, anonymity and covert communication, including defenses and attacks (e.g., on Tor).
  • Cyber-security, mainly: Malware communication and detection.
  • Usable security and social-engineering attacks, incl. phishing, and defenses - even for naive users.
  • Financial cryptography, i.e., using cryptography to innovate financial systems, protocols and networks.
  • Trust management - building and using it, mainly to secure e-commerce, P2P networks, and more. 
  • Network protocols and distributed algorithms, esp. peer to peer and social networking, vehicular networking