89-850 Communication Networks

Amir Herzberg, Dept. of Computer Science, Bar Ilan University 

This course lays the foundations of communication networks protocols and their analysis; the introductory course (89-350) is a critical pre-req. The course is recommended (only) for students interested in in-depth, analytical understanding of communication networks.

Resources: Lectures , Assignments, exams and questions, google group (discussions, Q&A), Network calculus book by BOUDEC and THIRAN

Exam: will be open books, calculators allowed. It will include four questions, each 20-30 points; two will be new and two will be variants of published questions, from homeworks, or from the available exams and questions. Material for the exam includes everything we in the foils (even if not covered in class, but not including hidden foils), and everything in the intro to communications course (89-350)