Georgia Direct Carpet

georgia direct carpet
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georgia direct carpet - Adhesive and
Adhesive and Waterproof Caulktape- White (7/8" x 11')
Adhesive and Waterproof Caulktape- White (7/8" x 11')
Adhesive and Waterproof Caulktape- White (7/8" x 11') This special tape works like bathroom caulk, but faster, easier, and without the mess. Press-On Caulktape gives watertight seal to tubs, counters, sinks. Simply unroll and press in place for a no-mess job, no tools needed. Mildew-resistant, silicone caulk-backed vinyl provides long-lasting protection. Measurements: 11 ft. long, 7/8" wide Features: No fuss or drying time Installed & fixed in minutes Save money with this Caulktape Perfect for tub & wall, tub & floor or wall & counter 100% waterproof

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Carpet Python
Carpet Python
Here I'm taking a photo of a baby carpet python at a bird viewing hide where the snake thought it too would hide. I took a photo and released after taking the photo and people in the hide were able to leave , many actually stopped to touch it before they left.
It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the
whole world.
[Al Franken]

georgia direct carpet
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