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This site will give Business Developers, Managers and Academics useful information into business development. Topics such as innovation, start-ups, collaborative research will be dealt with. The material presented in the site will help newcomers to the topics familiarize themselves with it. Additional useful links are attached below. Courses and services can be purchased by direct contact.
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A report (in Hebrew) mapping the growth engines and the barriers to economic growth in the Be'er-Sheva region, performed for the IIA, as part of assessing the strategic needs of the region regarding economic growth support. The multi-disciplinary report looks into growth engines as well as the relevant disciplines (e.g. Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology) in the region. 


The books are now available on  Their details are listed below:

  • Porath, A. (2017). Supporting Innovation Through National R&D Programs: Emerging Research and Opportunities (Advances in Business Information Systems and Analytics). 

  • Porath, A. (2013). Reuse of excess research data for new researches. In Rahman, H., & Ramos, I. (2013). Ethical data mining applications for socio-economic development. ISBN 978-1-4666-4078-8 (hardcover) -- ISBN 978-1-4666-4079-5 (ebook) -- ISBN 978-1-4666-4080-1 (print & perpetual access)

  • Porath, A. (2012).Theoretical model for a local economy open innovation program: A user organization. In Rahman, H., & Ramos, I. (2012). SMEs and Open Innovation: Global Cases and Initiatives (pp. 1-356). doi:10.4018/978-1-61350-519-9.

  • Porath, A. (2012). Open Innovation for non-high-tech SMEs: The case of the User Association of Advanced Technologies program. In Rahman, H., & Ramos, I. (2012).

  • Porath, A. 2010. Collaborative Research in Management - Inside Out. Sage publication ltd. India.


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