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75 route de Revel 31400 Toulouse
80 Rue Roque de Fillol 92800 Puteaux
Twitter: @amirabenhamida
I am Amira Ben Hamida,  R&D engineer at Linagora GSO, working on developing and adapting new features around the Enterprise Service Bus solutions. I am interested in improving the ESB solutions to address the Future Internet requirements.
I am taking part in the following research projects:
  • Choreos European Project FP7
  • Contrail European Project FP7
  • GSafe French funded project
  • Learn PAD European Project FP7 Strep
My research interest is mostly in the middleware layer:
  • Service composition, orchestration and choreography, 
  • Service-oriented architectures , applications and middleware,
  • SOA governance,
  • Context-awareness in pervasive environnements,
  • Service/Component contextual deployment,
  • Enterprise Service Bus and Cloud Architectures.

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Amira Ben Hamida,
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