Unique similarities between "Kalki Avtar" and prophet Mohammad

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Unique similarities between "Kalki Avtar" and prophet Mohammad

According to Hindu belief, the Hindu world awaits "the guide and leader", named Kalki Avatar. The Avtar is going to appear in the future, who will be the final Avtar and he will be bless for all mankind and kill the evil. There are several indications and specifications have been predicted and mentioned about the Avtar. And all these specifications and indications fit on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We should keep in mind that the last prophet cannot be someone having a minor impact on the socio-religious setup of the world but a prominent personality. Specifications like date of birth, geographical character of place of birth and that the body emitted a sweet scent do not fit any other major personality in the world simultaneously. Because all the incidents, which have been mentioned about the coming of Avtar, have already been passed through with the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is logical not to wait for the Avtar in the future.


"The prophet who will be born in Kali Yug, His name will be “SARWANAMA”."
(Chapter “Party Sarg” of Bhavishya Puran)

The meaning of “ANAMA” is praised one and “SARW” means all, so “Sarwanama” means the most revered or praised one and in Arabic language “Muhammad “ has the same meaning, if we translate Sanskrit word Sarwanama in to Arabic language it will be “Muhammad” only difference is the language.

Kalki Avatar
It is mentioned in Bhagvata Purana Khand 12 Adhyay 2 shlokas 18-20:
“It is in the house of Vishnuyash, the noble soul Brahmana chief of the village called sambhala that Lord Kalki will be incarnated”.

“The Lord of the universe, endowed with eight spiritual powers and excellence was unsurpassed in splendour and glory. Riding on a fleet horse given to him by angels, and with a sword in his hand, the saviour of the world will subdue all the miscreants”.

It is mentioned inBhagwat Purana Khand 1 Adhyay 3 Shloka 25:
“Then in the twilight of the Kali age, when kings will be as good as robbers, this protector of the world will be born of Vishnuyasa under the name Kalki“. The description of the Kalki Avatar i.e. the final Avatar is given in the verses Kalki Purana chapter 2 verses 4, 5, 7, 11 & 15.

1. Mother’s name Sumati i.e. Aaminah
The name of his mother will be Sumati (K.P.2: 4 & 11), which means gentle and thoughtful, Prophet Muhammad’s mother’s name was Aaminah, which means peaceful and gentle.

2. Father’s name Vishnuyash i.e. Abdullah.
His father’s name will be ‘Vishnuyash’ which means ‘worshipper of Vishnu’ i.e. ‘worshipper of God’. Muhammad’s father’s name was Abdullah which means ‘obedient worshipper of Allah i.e. God’.

3. Born in Sambhala i.e. Makkah
He will be born in a village called ‘Sambhala’ which means house of peace and security. Makkah is known as Darul Aman, which means house of peace and security.

4. Born in house of Chief Priest.
He will be born in the house of chief of the village Sambhala. Muhammad (pbuh) was born in the house of the chief of the Kaaba.

"So Kalki Avtar will take birth in 'Shambal Gram' in the house of brahmn Mahnt (religious leader) named Wishnu Wesh.
(Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 4),
(Bhagwat Puran, Skand 12, Adhyai 2, Ashlok 18)

BRAHMIN MAHANT mean spiritual and highly respected preist and Makkah’s highly respected preist was “Hasham”, then Hasham’s son “Abdul Mutlib” became the leading preist of Makkah, who was the grand father of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad was born in home of Abdul Mutlib. In short, Muhammad was born in the respectable tribe of Quraish who enjoyed great respect and high place in Makkah.

5. Born on the 12th day of Madhav i.e. Rabi-ul-Awwal.
It is prophesied that Kalki Avtar will be born on the 12th day of the bright (first) half of the month of Madhav. It is a historical fact Muhammad (pbuh) was born on the 12th day of the bright half of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

6. He will be the Antim or final Avatar
He has been described as the ‘Antim’ i.e. ‘the last and final’ of all the Avatars. The Qur’an also mentions:


"Kalki will born on 12th of month of Besakh (in 7th century)" (Kalki Puran, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 15)

Besakh is famous month of Indian calendar. As per that calendar the date of birth of Mohammad (peace be upon him) is 12 Besakh 628 Bakrami. And that day as per Arabic calendar, Month Rabi I, year AlFeel and 2nd Monday. And this day was very pious near Hindus.
Date of birth of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is exactly same in all history books.

Kalki Avtar would ride horse, camel and keep the sword to kill the devil and enemies of religion.

It means that Kalki Avtar will be born in the time before present age when horse and camel were used for riding and sword was being used for fight. And in this period and in the coming future people will use cars, train & planes for riding and guns, missiles for fighting. We should not forget that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used both horses & camels, and he fought with sword during battles against those who tried to eliminate the Muslims.

"Father of Kalki Avtar will die before his birth and his mother will die after some time of his birth."
(Kalki Puran & Bhagut Puran, Skand 12)
Father of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) died 6 month before his birth and mother died 6 years after his birth.


* Kalki Avtar’s Father will die before his birth and his Mother will die after few years of his birth. (Kalki Puran, Bhaghwat Puran Khand 12)
These two indications clearly fit on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His Father died earlier to his birth and his Mother died when Muhammad was only six year old. For reference please study the life history of prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


According to Kalki Puran, the Kalki Avtar will receive wisdom or knowledge on a mountain’s cave from PERSHURAM (angel).

It is well known that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was often going to the cave Hira near Makkah (still present) and there one night Angel Gabriel brought the message of God, "Read with the name of God…." And this revelation process continued all his life. And Pershoram is name of an angel with Hindu religion who brings destruction for disbelievers. And one name for Gabriel is Ruh Al Quddus (Holy Spirit), which is synonym of Pershoram in Sanskrit.

For reference Holy Quran (96:1) “Read (Prophet Muhammad) with the name of Allah” and he replied “ I am not learned” the same indication was given in the Christian’s scripture (Isaiah chapter 29 verse 12) “ and the book delivered to him that is not learned, saying “ Read this”, I pray thee: and he said, I am not learned”, this is another prove of his prophecy. So prophet Muhammad received his first revelation in the cave of mountain HIRA. And this prediction also fits on him.


"Kalki Avtar will marry a respected lady of Salmal Dip and this marriage ceremony will be arranged by one uncle and three brothers."
(Kalki Puran & Bhagut Puran)
Salmal Dip is Arabian Peninsula as per old Hindu traditions. The wife of Mohammad (peace be upon him) was Khudija and she was most respected lady in Quraish. The marriage ceremony was arranged by his uncle Abu Talib his three sons Jafar, Talib and Aqeel.


"Kalki Avtar will start preaching his religion from his city Shumbal Gram (city of peace), which is in Salmal Dip (Arabia). The people of this city will oppose him and treat him cruelly. Then he will leave this city and migrate to another city in North which will be surrounded by rocky hills and mountains. And after a certain period He will come back to his native city with sword and conquer it. And after that all the country will be conquered.
(Kalki Puran)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started his preaching from Makkah (city of peace), which is situated in the Arabian peninsula. Such a land mass surrounded on most of its sides by water is geographically known as “deep” in hindi and “Jazeera” in urdu and Arabic. Thus Saudi Arabia is also commonly known in the Arabic speaking world as Jazeeratul Arab or the island of Arabia (called in kalki puran as salmal deep).

You see Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) started preaching in City of Peace (Makkah) and he was opposed by his people. The he migrated to Madinah which is 400km to the North of Makkah, and is surrounded by the mountains. And after reaching here the Makkans started fighting with the Muslims. And after eight years, he came with sword to Makkah and conquered it and then he promulgated the law of God. And after that all Arab was conquered.

* He will receive a flying horse from God, which will be faster than lightning. Riding it he will go around earth and seven skies” (Bhagwat Puran Khand 12, Adhay 2, Shloka 19-20)
This prediction is about Kalki Avtar also match with the Incidence of “MIRAJ” For reference see Holy Quran (17.1) and for detail Hadith s of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding Incidence of Miraj.

Kalki will fight with the enemies of religion with sword and will destroy many Satan natured and bad character people in the disguise of rulers.
(Bhagut Puran)


* According to the scripture Kalki Avtaar will split the moon.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed this miracle 1,400 ago. For reference see Holy Quran (54:1-3) “The hour drew night and moon rend (split) in twain …” For more details about moon splitting please study the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (Volume 4, book 56, number 830-832 and volume 5, book 58, number 209-211) According to these hadiths” the people of Makkah asked Allah’s Apostle to show a miracle (sign of his Prophecy). So he showed them the moon split in two halves between which they saw the Hiram Mountain”

There is an interesting tradition in India. Bhoj was an Indian king, there is still city Bhoj on his name in the territory of Kachh (Gujrat). Raja was born after so many years of Bhavish Puran during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One night he saw moon splitting in two, he asked the Pundits, they studied the Vedas and Puranas, and told the king that this is the miracle of last prophet, when king asked the signs or descriptions of the Prophet, they told,” He will be from the city of peace (Makkah) and will be born in the house of a religious saint, his name will be “Narashansah” (the praised one) meaning Muhammad in Arabic, he will have four Khulafa and have 12 wifes “. In search of Narashansah, he came to know that he appeared in Makkah. He met with him and embraced Islam at the hand of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and prophet gave him the name Abdullah, when he came back to home his family did not accept him. He spend his whole life in remembering Prophet and in worship of one God.

For reference (Dr. Kamala Kant Tewari’s book “Kalyuge Ke Antim Rishi” Page5, he took this from Pundit Dharm Ved Apadhye’s book “Antim Ishwar Doot” page 97). So Raja was the first Indian who embraced Islam.


Kalki Avtar will be helped by angel during war. (Kalki Puran Adhay 2, Shloka 7)

This prediction also fit on prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when during the battle of UHAD, BADR etc. God sent His Angels for his help. For reference see Holy Quran (3:123,124,125)


* Kalki Avtar with his four companions or will kill the evil. (Kaiki Puran.Adhay 2,Shloka5)
There were four companions or helpers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who helped him in spreading Islam. Their names are Umar (ra), Abu Bakr (ra), Usman (ra) and Ali (ra). After death of Prophet these companions ruled the country and practically imposed the religion. They are known as Khulafa – e – Rashideen in Islamic history. So this prediction also fit on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


* "There are 24 major Prophets, but Kalki Avtar will be the last one, who will be the end of all Prophets". (Bhagwat Puran Partham Khand Adhay 3, Shloka 25)

No Prophet except Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has declared himself as the last Prophet and it is the faith in Islam that Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet and no Prophet will come after him. God Himself declared Muhammad (PBUH) as the last Prophet. For reference see (Holy Quran 33.40) “ he (Muhammad) is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of Prophets, and Allah is aware of all things ..” and in another place God says, “ .. This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor to you. I have approved Islam to be your religion …” (5.3)

In the Holy Quran there are 25 Prophets mentioned by name including Prophet Ahmed (Muhammad) himself, so there were 24 major Prophets before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So these two predictions also fit on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Bhagut Puran, Skand 12, Adhiyai 12 Ashlok 19 tells him as "Jagat Pati", meaning, leader of the world.
Quran also tells us that he was sent as a 'blessing for all worlds'.

"He will be so beautiful that there will be no one like him."
(Bhagut Puran, Skand 12, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 20)
It is clear from history and the narration of friends of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) that he was having very remarkable and beautiful personality.


"A very sweet smell will emit out of the body of the Kalki Avtar, which will make the surrounding very pleasant and will make the feelings good"
(Bhagut Puran, Skand 12, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 21)

It is reported in Hadith that body and perspiration of the prophet (peace be upon) was giving a very sweet smell. Abu Jaheefa narrates, "I put hand of prophet (peace be upon him) on my face, I found it colder than snow and sweeter in smell than musk." Jabir narrates, "If prophet (peace be upon him) passes from a street, the other passer by was recognizing from his pleasant smell that He has passed from there."


"This Leader of World will have eight divine qualities. And he will ride on a flying horse, and this horse will be give by the angel to him. And he will crush the disbelievers and cruel people."
(Bhagut Puran, Skand 12, Adhiyai 2, Ashlok 19-20)

The Eight Divine qualities are mentioned in Maha Bharat as:

Endowed with eight special qualities
Kalki Avatar will be endowed with eight special qualities. These qualities are wisdom, respectable lineage, self-control, revealed knowledge, valour, measured speech, utmost charity and gratitude. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had all these eight special qualities.
Wisdom – He was very wise. It is no wonder that several people approached him for guidance, even before he claimed to be a prophet.

Respectable lineage – He belonged to the noble tribe of Quraysh who were the caretakers of the sacred Kaaba.

Self-control – He was the best example of self-control. From history, we learn that his enemies on many occasions tried to instigate him. However, he was always patient and responded wisely.

Revealed knowledge – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received the last and final revelation of God, which is the Glorious Qur’an through Archangel Gabriel.

Valour – Muhammad (pbuh) possessed great physical strength and courage. He took active part in the battles against his enemies and most of such battles were fought in self-defence against aggression by the other party.

Measured speech – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke with emphasis and deliberation that people could not forget what he said. In his intercourse with others he would sit silent among his companions for long time but when he spoke his speech was eloquent and full of meaning and advise.

Utmost charity – Muhammad (pbuh) was very charitable and never disappointed anyone who asked for help even in situations when he himself was in financial difficulties. Many poor people lived only on his generosity.

Gratefulness – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was known for his gratefulness He showed immense gratitude to the Ansaars i.e. the helpers from the city of Madeenah.

The qualities mentioned here are very common qualities of the prophet mentioned in all history books.

1. He informed about past events from Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), about Abel and his brother, about Noah (peace be upon him), Nation of Aad, Thamud, Pharaoh, etc. and also many future events like Muslim invasion of Arabia, about body of Pharaoh discovered just in last century, about big bang, about Bombs, about plane, about second coming of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), Anti-Christ Killing, Agog Magog etc. which we will discuss in next chapters.

2. It is well known that he was born in Banu Hathim a branch of most respected descendent of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him).

3. He was having an utter self control.

4. God's message was sent to him.

5. He was strong in body. Once a famous wrestler of Makkah named Rakana Bin Abd e Yazid challenged the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and said, "if You will defeat me I will accept Islam". Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) defeated him three times and the wrestler accepted Islam.

6. He was speaking very little and when necessary only in minimum eloquent speech (sentences).

7. He was always spending his wealth on poor and needy and was never keeping anything saved for his future.

8. All his life, his action and his decision reveals having a deeper meaning and future insight.

After reading this we can make a sure belief that the Prophet awaited in Kali Yug is Mohammad (Peace be upon him).