Narashangsa and Muhammad are synonymous


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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prophesied in Bhavishya Purana

Ahmad Pandit, fromerly Acharya Sanjay Dwivedi, found Islam through Vedas

Prominent findings from 'Agar ab bhi na jaage toh'and the relation of Sabians of bible and Quran to the Hindu polytheism

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King Chakrawati Farmas- First Hindu King to convert to Islam

Locations where Prophet Muhammad is prophesied with description in Vedas

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"Narashangsa" and "Muhammad" are synonymous

Unique similarities between "Kalki Avtar" and prophet Mohammad

According to Dr Ved Prakash Upaddhayaya, Narashangsa indicates a person whose very name means 'The Praised'. The Arabic word Muhammad means 'The Praised'. Therefore Narashangsa and Muhammad are synonymous.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned as ‘Narashangsa’ with description in the Hindu scriptures in several places including:
I. Rigveda Book 1 hymn 13 verse 3
II. Rigveda Book 1 hymn 18 verse 9
III. Rigveda Book 1 hymn 106 verse 4
IV. Rigveda Book 1 hymn 142 verse 3
V. Rigveda Book 2 hymn 3 verse 2
VI. Rigveda Book 3 hymn 29 verse 11
VII. Rigveda Book 5 hymn 5 verse 2
VIII. Rigveda Book 7 hymn 2 verse 2
IX. Rigveda Book 10 hymn 64 verse 3
X. Rigveda Book 10 hymn 182 verse 2
XI. Samveda Uttararchik mantra 1349
XII. Yajurved chapter 29 verse 27
XIII. Yajurved Book 1 chapter 6 verse 4
XIV. Yajurved Book 1 chapter 7 verse 4
XV. Yajurved chapter 20 verse 37
XVI. Yajurved chapter 20 verse 57
XVII. Yajurved chapter 21 verse 31
XVIII. Yajurved chapter 21 verse 55
XIX. Yajurved chapter 28 verse 2
XX. Yajurved chapter 28 verse 19
XXI. Yajurved chapter 28 verse 42