Principle Investigator:  Amin S. Ghabrial 

A.B. - Washington University (Saint Louis)

Ph.D. - Princeton University

Postdoctoral Studies - Stanford University

Assistant Professor CDB - University of Pennsylvania 

Amin joined the CDB faculty at Penn in January of 2008, after graduate work with Trudi Schüpach at Princeton, and postdoctoral work with Mark Krasnow at Stanford.

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Yanjun Song

Joined the lab on Nov 24, 2008  

B.S. - Shandong University

Ph.D. - Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Science

Yanjun has just arrived from Beijing, where she did her graduate work with Renjie Jiao, characterizing the role of Chromatin Assembly Factor 1 (dCAF-1) in Drosophila. Yanjun is working on the Drosophila ortholog of CCM3 and its effector GCKIII. She is also using a positional cloning strategy to clone lotus.

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Graduate Students

Jeffrey Rosa  

(CAMB graduate student 2012/3 entering class)

B.A.  UT-Dallas

Jeff joined the lab in April (2013) and will do his thesis work on ichorous.

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Lab Technicians

Mary Morgan

(B.A. Haverford)

Undergraduate Researchers

Vlad Obsekov (UPenn, Class of 2017)

Lab Alumni

Deanne "Dena" Francis (PhD, Upenn) - former graduate student now pursuing postdoctoral studies with Dr. James (U. of Sydney)

Emily McMillan (M.S., UPenn) M.A. 2013, Research technician

Jodi Schottenfeld-Roames (Ph.D., Princeton) - former postdoc, now faculty at Swarthmore College

Mary Morgan (Haverford) - former technician, now in medical school

Melissa Eng (B.A., Bradeis) - former lab tech now in grad school at U-Washington

Fitsum Negussie (undergrad, Emory) - former summer intern and lab tech, now in Medical school

Tovah Tripp (B.A. Haverford) - M.D.

Camilla Melegari (Penn, Class of 2013) - technician, ski instructor

Mike Olorunnisola (Penn, Class of 2012) - former undergrad, biomedical research 

Carlos Rameriz (Penn, Class of 2015) - former undergrad

Daniel Goldwitz (Penn, Class of 2011) - former undergrad, medical school 

Ali-Reza Mirsajadi (Penn, Class of 2011) - former undergrad, now in theatre 

Allen Ruan (Penn, Class of 2010) - former undergrad, now in Medical School

Catherine Tran (Penn, Nebraska) - former undergrad, now in Medical School