Ghabrial Lab News
2008: Year 1 for the Ghabrial lab

          * Amin is named a McCabe Scholar
          * Yanjun Song joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow

2009: Year 2 for the Ghabrial lab
          * Amin is named a Basil O'Connor Scholar of the March of Dimes
          * Amin is awarded  ACS pilot project support
          * Jodi Schottenfeld joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow
          * Emily McMillan is the first Ghabrial lab rotation student
          * Jodi gets a position on the Developmental Biology training grant
          * Emily joins the lab
          * Emily gets a position on the CAMB training grant
          * Jo Jasinski is the second Ghabrial lab rotation student - we miss you Jo!

2010: Year 3 for the Ghabrial lab
          * Jodi is awarded an NRSA postdoctoral fellowship
          * Dena joins the lab
          * Amin's first R01 is funded by GM (thanks NIH!)
          * Melissa Eng joins the lab as a technician
2011: Year 4 for the Ghabrial lab
           * Dena and Emily pass their prelims
           * Dena is awarded a spot on the DB training grant
           * Ghabrial, Levi and Krasnow -- the Screen paper -- is published in                     PLoS Genetics

2012: Year 5 for the Ghabrial lab
            * Schottenfeld-Roames and Ghabrial  -- the RabGAP paper -- is                             published in Nature Cell Biology
            * Amin writes a perspectives piece for Science Signaling   

2013: Year 6 for the Ghabrial lab
            * Song, Eng and Ghabrial -- the CCM paper -- is published in
            Developmental Cell
            * Jodi and Amin write a perspectives piece for Nature Cell Biology
            * Jeffrey Rosa joins the lab
            * Amin is awarded an ACS Research grant for work on CCM3
            * Melissa Eng is accepted to graduate school at U. of Washington

2014: Year 7 for the Ghabrial lab
            * Schottenfeld-Roames, Rosa and Ghabrial -- the braided paper -- is 
            published in Current Biology
            * Jeff passes his prelim with flying colors
            * Amin went to the famous "Crete" meeting
            * Congratulations to Jodi on a faculty position at Swarthmore!
            * Amin, Jodi, Yanjun and Dena all give talks at the ASCB meeting

2015: Year 8 for the Ghabrial lab
            * Amin will be an invited speaker at the regional SDB meeting in Princeton