Amina African Braids stands out from other braiding salons by its affordable prices and outstanding customer service.

In our nice and comfortable environment, our styles are impeccably groomed and we use less time to ensure cost efficiency. The result is a very healthy hair and scalp.

We invite your to come and find the style that best suits you.

Come get your exotic African Braids with Amina African Braids!!

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5369 Lincoln ave. Cypress CA 90620.


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1140 Beaumont Ave Suite B

Beaumont CA 92223


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Born in the beautiful country of Benin, in West Africa, Amina has always known that hair braiding was her true calling. She learned to perfect her passion through her mom, and relatives.

Upon moving to the United States of America, she opened her salon to help women feel better about their hair. Amina believes that your hair defines who you are, and the better it looks, the better you'll feel about yourself.

As attested by her numerous friends and customers, if you come to her salon, she guaranty you'll leave satisfied, looking the best...

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