Music o' Pat


 I am using this as a place to store my music.  I am always looking for thoughts, so please spare some.

-Video Game-

These are all video game remixes. 

ItRainsonThursday.mp3  My first remix.  The song is Chicago from Perfect Dark.  It truly sounds quite dreadful.  Be generous with your praise. 

SweetSoundingBlueberries.mp3 A remix I am currently working on.  It uses the Dwarf and Password themes from Faxanadu, as well as Basalisk Run from Ninja Gaiden.  Since it is the song taking up what little free time I have, comments about it will be especially appreciated. 

Spaghetti.mp3 I know, I know, the Terra theme from FF6 is done way to much, but I had to try my hand at it.  I don't know where I'm going with it at the moment.



These songs are, to my knowledge, original and created by me.  If you have information suggesting otherwise, I may be forced to kill you. 

odd.mp3 It's little more than a thought at this point, but it is original.

org2.mp3 It's an interesting beat and the start of a melody/harmony.  Not sure what to do with it, but I think the beat is just too interesting to simply throw away.

PianoSus.mp3 This is my latest.  I'm just playing around with arpeggios in a strange time signature.

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Works by the greatest Rez basement band ever.

TheresaFreakinFire.mp3  This song is a little loud, so I suggest turning down your speakers before listening.

Mojo.mp3 This is Chanel and Will playing around with the theme near and dear to Will's heart.