Unwanted items?
Why go through the hassle of a garage sale, or the expense of advertising items for sale? If you have nice items that you would like to put into the auction, send us a picture and description with your contact information. If we think it will sell, we will contact you to pick up your items, make an inventory, and store them until the next auction when you get money! It's that simple!

Selling your home?
Are you thinking of leaving your beautiful furniture and household items with the home simply because you do not have any way of selling the contents? Buyers rarely pay more for all your lovely things. So why not turn them into cash? 

Hotels can turn trash to cash!
What are you doing with that excess inventory of hotel furniture, linens and other goods? Updating your look and want to dispose of the old? Sometimes old items go to employees, but it is a headache to monitor, who gets what, piecemeal donations and in-fighting over some goods. Make that all go away and still help employees with our Amigo AuctionBucks plan. Contact us to find out how to get rid of all that stuff easily, add revenues and still have happy employees!

Businesses can participate! 
If you are liquidating a business or remodeling or updating, bring you unused items to us and make money fast and effortlessly.

Contact us if interested in being a "seller" in the next auction!