We will be auctioning several units, unlocking them for a short viewing and then auctioning the entire unit off. You must buy the entire unit and can only look, but not go in or touch anything. It's a mystery what is inside, and perhaps hidden treasures!

We will be auctioning vehicles, but at this time, while we are looking at as many as 10 that could be auctioned, we cannot tell you how many or which ones, if any, will actually make it to the auction block. We are still trying to find owners until the last minute! The vehicle auctions come last and those interested will be brought into a separate educational session on acquiring vehicles.

We have three huge warehouses filled with items you can see before the auction starts. A lot of it, including the beautiful wrought iron candle holders, sconces and art, is from the well known Deckman's Restaurant that closed! A partial list of these items to be auctioned is below, along with pictures. There are too many to list each thing! 

Tor-Rey TEM 200 deli/display case
Vulcan 36" gas grill
Wooden display case
36" metal rolling cart
Child booster seats
High chairs
Dining tables
Dining chairs 
Bar tables
Bar stools
Stainless steel prep tables
Stainless steel shelves 
Stainless steel backsplashes
Large blackboards
Refrigerated wine coolers
Marble top tables
Rolling metal garrafon holder
Beverage glasses
Shot glasses
Wine glasses
Overhead stemware racks
Insulated coffee carafes
Ceramic water dispenser
Candle holders 
Iron sconces
Wrought iron room divider
Wooden hutch
Wooden chest
Light fixtures
Wrought iron hostess stand
Butcher block cutting tables
San-Son gas grill
Tiki lights
Resin club chairs
Art work