Amiga Documents 3.3.3

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This site aims to expose and preserve events and relationships involving a multitude of companies and individuals that held or touched the Amiga torch over the years, including the recurrent legal trolls and snake oil salesmen.

The original lodestar of Amiga Documents was to expose the rift that was running between the high hopes of the Amiga community and an unfortunate combination of leadership and ownership that started in 1999, and which ended only 20 years later, when Amiga Corporation, run by longtime Amiga developer Mr. Mike Battilana purchased the remaining Amiga assets [277][292].

Citing hundreds of documents, this site contains mostly facts, but also a little bit of opinion. Most importantly, it tries to introduce the reader who may not be familiar with "Amiga" into a perspective of things that would otherwise be difficult to grasp by just reading what various self-serving entities tried to convey through their posts, articles, and even books, or with a momentary glimpse at some forum discussions (whereby the same forums are sometimes owned by more or less aggressive players). The latter is made especially difficult because a small yet loud-voiced community of Amiga users, with its almost religious fervor, has become an unsuspecting accomplice in the dissemination of "fake news".

We intend to continue to watch and document the new chapter that started in 2019, especially as a litigious lawyer-controlled Hyperion Entertainment, with the crucial financial backing of British oil millionaire [232] Mr. Robert Trevor Dickinson, remains a peril to the dynamics that might otherwise drive the Amiga world and its technical and economic development.

We trust that you will be able to recognize connections and inconsistencies as they are exposed. Thank you to all who submitted materials or spotted errors. If you would like to help: Also on X (formerly known as Twitter): @amigadocuments.

Please note: We are not lawyers. Facts were referenced wherever possible. Everything else is personal opinion only!

Work in Progress

We would like to dedicate a chapter to the powerful force of nostalgia, or at least to how a certain "retro-nostalgia" scene seems to have become a Wild West for manipulative sociopaths. As has been documented in these pages, far too many immoral (and some illegal) things were done "for the love of Amiga". Years of Commodore and Amiga thirst resulted in a growing "I want to believe at all costs" attitude, opening the doors to a river of self-serving and error-ridden publications.

False "Managing Director" titles and multiple entities run by trademark grabbers who each claim to be the "new Commodore" despite having no relationship to the original companies are just the tip of the iceberg. Disproportionate falsifications, blaming others, a distorted sense of consequences... Putting the pieces together, could a distinct set of traits emerge that fits the definition of both pathological liars [99] and psychopaths [100]? As words like "sociopath" and "psychopath" appear increasingly often in the feedback we are receiving, it is another aspect we plan to cover in more detail.