Amie M. Gordon
Center for Health and Community
University of California, San Francisco

Email: amie.gordon(at)ucsf.edu

About Me
I am a postdoctoral scholar in the Center for Health and Community (CHC
at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) working with Wendy Berry Mendes. I received my Ph.D. in Social-Personality Psychology from UC Berkeley in 2013 and my B.A. in Psychology from UCLA in 2006.

Research Interests
As a social-personality psychologist, I explore both the contextual and dispositional factors that influence the maintenance of close relationships. I take a multi-method approach, drawing upon experiment, daily experience, dyadic, observational, and psychophysiological methodologies. 
My research can be organized into three main areas of inquiry: 

One line of my research focuses on the roles that prosocial emotions, cognitions, and behaviors play in helping relationships flourish. For example, in one vein of this work, I examine how gratitude promotes the maintenance of intimate bonds. In another, I explored how feeling understood by one's romantic partner buffers against the negative effects of conflict.

In a second line of research, I examine whether having power over a partner influences relationship functioning. For example, in a recent project, I examined whether having power over a relationship partner helped or hurt perspective taking in the relationship. For my dissertation research, I examined the impact of power on gratitude between strangers and romantic partners.

In a third line of research, I examine the impact of sleep on relationship functioning, exploring when, why, and for whom poor sleep negatively impacts relationships. In one set of studies, I found that one partner's sleep problems influences the degree, nature, and resolution of relationship conflict for both partners. In my current postdoctoral position, I am conducting research examining the effect of sleep on gratitude between romantic partners as part of a funding initiative through the Greater Good Science Center.