New Parents

Wondering what to do?  Don't worry, we will help you figure that out!


Parents are welcome to stay during morning practices.  Many parents do; many parents don't.  We do ask though, that you please try to not interfere with the coaches.  Also, please try to stay back away from the pool so that the coaches can move and do their jobs.  If you would like to get a message to a coach, please ask one of the board members to communicate for you during the practices.

What should my child wear? 
Bathing suits
  • Girls usually wear a one-piece bathing suit to practice; boys wear "jammer" suits.  (They look similar to bike shorts.)  
  • You do not have to wear your team suit to practices.  In fact, chlorine wears away the suits, so it's a good idea to have a couple suits.   
    • When choosing a suit, don't worry about leaving growing room, because suits often get bigger as they wear out.  A sloppy suit makes it harder for the swimmer to swim, because it creates more drag.  Most swimmers save their good "team" suits to wear at swim meets.  
Goggles are usually recommended.  

Many swimmers like wearing some type of bathing cap to practice as well as in the meets.  

Sunscreen - The kids get quite a bit of sun exposure in the morning, even if it is early, so don't forget to apply sunscreen!

Before the Swim Meets

What do you need to do? 
Several days before every meet, Coach Scott will post a sign up sheet on the coaches bulletin board at the Amherst Pool for the upcoming meet.  Every swimmer (or parent) needs to post a "Y" or "N" indicating whether or not the swimmer will be competing in the meet.    

On the day of the meet, or sometimes just before the meet, the event list will be posted on the same board.  That will show you which events your swimmer will be competing.  If the swimmer is in a relay event, make note if the swimmer is in Relay A, B, C, or even D, since there may be more than one relay team for that event. An "x" on the line indicates that the swimmer will be competing in an exhibition event.   (See below for suggestions on how to write these events on your swimmer's hand.)

Swim Meets

What do you need? 
Towels, and extra towels are a good idea.
Blankets or chairs to sit on - Check directions to pools section of the web site for advice.
Money for snacks and drinks / your own snacks and drinks
Small toys/entertainment for your younger children -- meets can be very long.
Permanent marker
Spare goggles

What do you do?

Write your child's events on the back of his/her hand with a permanent marker.
 #3      Med R   FlyCould mean: Event 3, Medley Relay, swimming the butterfly
 #21    25 FreeCould mean: Event 21, 25 yard Freestyle

Develop your own method of remembering events or use a friend's method.

Clerk of Course

Your child will sit with you or sit with team members.  They/You will need to listen to the announcers to know when it is time to line up for "Clerk of Course."  Your swimmer will then be lined up and seated with the other swimmers until it is time for them to swim.  They will be given a card which they will give to the timer in their lane. 

Volunteer Jobs

Make sure you show up for your the jobs you have volunteered to do.  Don't worry if you have never done it before -- we can teach you.  We can not operate a successful team without you.  If, by chance, you will not be able to do your job you have committed to do, please make arrangements for another person to fill your position, or see the volunteer coordinator to help you do so.  Remember, friends and grandparents can also help you fulfill your job.