Concession sales are immensely successful in producing vital funds to offset Amherst Swim Team operating expenses. Mandatory donations of SNACKS, SODA POP and VOLUNTEER TIME provide the starting point, but the essence of our success is parents who are willing to do more than just follow the minimum.

Donate a snack to the concession stand at ALL HOME MEETS, when their swimmer is present. Make a one time $5.00 pop donation for the season, which must be paid at registration.

The Amherst Swim Team will accept a $5.00 fee per missed snack, paid on the day the donation is expected. Successful concession sales depend on your food, money and time donations!

SNACKS should be brought to the concession stand by 5:00 P.M. at HOME meets when your swimmer competes. Our concession stand needs to be in compliance with Lorain County Health Department rules. This means that all items must be store bought and prepackaged in single serve containers. Packages should contain individual nutrition information and allergy information. (Homemade or home packaged items are NOT permitted!)

Snack suggestions include:

Apple dippers pre-packaged brownies Rice Krispie treats
Gogurt or single serve yogurt cookies packaged granola bars
Prepackaged snack -size veggies cupcakes, wrapped fruit snacks
whole fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) bagged chips or pretzels Jell-o cups

SNACK-SODA POP FEE checklist is at the concession stand for each HOME meet and is used to acknowledge donations. Do not forget to list your name and donation on the list.