Selections from our current repertoire:
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Lord Jeffery Amherst James Shelley Hamilton 1906

Paige's Horse”, words by F. J. E.Woodbridge '89, arr. by W. P. Bigelow '89

Ain't Got Time to Die, arr. by J. David Jackson '80E

Tskhenosnuri, arr. by Clayton Parr

Down Among the Dead Men, Ralph Vaughan Williams

Ueo Muite Aruko (“Sukiyaki Song), Hachida Nakamura

Go Chain de Lion Down, arr. by Wendell Whalum

Izatate Ikusabito Yo, arr. by Yöchiro Fukunaga

Notable Performances from the Glee Club Archives:

Missa Mater Patris: II. Gloria, Josquin des Prez | The Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 1969

Switzer Boy, arr. by Gustav Stoeckel | in the Temple of Bacchus, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1969

Kalinka, arr. by Bruce G. McInnes | In Naples, Italy, for a 1967 Art Linkletter television special

I Wonder as I Wander, arr. by John Jacob Niles and Lewis Henry Horton | 1977

Schneider's Band, A.J. Mundy, arr. by A.G. Mason | 1940

Lisa Lan, arr. by Alun Hoddinott | 1994, Commencement Concert

“Dry Bones”, arr. by Livingston Gearhart | 1992, Homecoming Concert