For Residential:   

    Our emphasis is on the Smart Home, Distributed Audio, Structured Wiring, 

Central Vacuum Systems, Intercom Systems and Home Theater. However, we 

also offer burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, video surveillance and much more

 including wireless monitoring and mobile alerts. A-Metro Security and Fire 

 installs, services, and monitors a variety of home security systems.

    Did you know most insurance companies provide customers with a discount if 

you have a monitored security system installed in your home? This can save you money (percentage of savings and discounts 

vary per insurance company and based on other criteria).




    A-Metro Security and Fire offers many home security services, take advantage and protect your home and family today. 

We can design a custom security system solution that best fits your needs.

Important Please Read:

    Burglary is the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft as defined by the 

FBI’s Uniformed Crime Reporting (UCR) (U.S. Department of Justice, 2012). There were an 

estimated 2,188,005 burglaries in 2011 (U.S. Department of Justice, 2012). U.S. 

Department of Justice (2012), states burglaries of residential properties accounted for 

74.5 percent of all burglary offenses. Please be aware that home invasions happen 

approximately every 10 seconds and usually happens during the day but can happen at 

any time of the day whether you are home or not.


    Owning a home security system greatly reduces the chance your home will be broken 

into and allows your home to be safe any time of the day. A monitored security system is 

good reassurance that if a serious threat does arise our monitoring station will alert 

professional emergency help immediately! Safeguard your home and family against theft and home invasion. 

    Ask about our Wireless Security System- cellular communication that sends a wireless signal from your home to the monitoring station.  Key 

Features are no need for traditional land lines (phone lines), excellent alarm communication speed, and no unsightly wiring, no cabling and no 


Have A-Metro Security and Fire’s licensed and trained technicians install your security system today. 

A-Metro Security & Fire offers a broad range of burglary detection products and services to protect your home, property, and your life..

Fire Protection:

    Fire systems (i.e. smoke and heat detection) are a necessity and critical in keeping your family and possessions protected in the 

event of a fire. One reason to have fire detection in your home is to be alerted. When you have a monitored fire system installed in 

your home our central station (monitoring center) quickly dispatches local emergency response to your home keeping family and 

pets’ safe and minimizes property damage. Contact A-Metro Security and Fire to learn more about the benefits of adding 

monitored smoke and heat detectors to your home.

    Did you know, in 2011, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the United States? These fires caused 3,005 civilian deaths, 

17,500 civilian injuries, and $11.7 billion in property damage (National Fire Protection Association, 2012). However, 484,500 were 

structure fires, causing 2,640 civilian deaths, 15,635 civilian injuries, and $9.7 billion in property damage.

Did you also know smoke and toxic gases from fires are the most common causes of death in a fire not burns (as per Fire Deaths 

and Injuries Fact Sheet, 2013 located at Unfortunately, many fires occur in homes that do not have smoke alarms. 

Please call A-Metro Security and Fire for your installation of a smoke alarm/fire system.

Video Security Surveillance System /CCTV (Closed Circuit TV Camera Systems):

    Video Security Surveillance System/CCTV Systems makes it easy to monitor your Business. Protect property and possessions from theft or 

damage, and install and use for your safety.You can monitor outside the home anywhere needed and have it be accessible via your computer or 

mobile phone. 

    A wide variety of CCTV cameras are available. We recommended IP (internet protocol) or network capable cameras. Our brands include Sanyo, 

Panasonic, Samsung, and Vivotek to name a few. CCTV cameras are a fundamental piece of equipment in which permits the effective monitoring of a 

location. Ask A-Metro Security & Fire for new and exciting technologies and equipment available (256-721-0400). 

    CCTV cameras are often the crucial evidence that determines criminal convictions or 

protects property owners. Reduce crime by deterring criminals and assisting in the prosecution 

of those who do commit offences. The most suitable cameras, communications network, 

recording and monitoring equipment is determined by you and our trained professionals and 

installed in areas of concern.


 Keep an eye on your home (i.e. entry and exits, driveways, patios, or main areas of activity) with an outdoor camera option

With an indoor camera system monitor entrances and exits, kids, pets, or any person , monitor any needed area throughout your home.

Other Features: 

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors-Carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, colorless gas, which can cause sudden illness and death stated by the Center for 

Disease Control (2013). The Detectors notify people if carbon monoxide is detected by sounding an alarm before the carbon monoxide reaches fatal 

levels in which allows and helps you and your family to evacuate safely. 

Hold up Switches or Panic Buttons-


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