Features, Billing, etc:

  • Opening and Closing: 

The Opening and Closing feature monitors and tracks people, date, and time in which an individual enters and exits the premises  building, office or homeThe best way to track such activity is to have unique individualized codes assigned to each person, simply by programming the panel.

Would you like to know who is entering and existing the premises or who is arming and disarming the system?

Please Call A-Metro Security & Fire 256-721-0400

  • Phone Service (Switching Carriers, Land Lines & Cellular):

Switching Phone Service Carriers may result in interruption or loss of monitoring service. ANY work done may result in 

interruption or loss of monitoring service (i.e. new windows, remodeling, etc.). If a Phone Land Line is cut, this will result in 

deactivation of monitoring service. A Backup Cellular System is available upon request call 256-721-0400. 

  • Cellular-Go wireless:

A-Metro Security & Fire recommends cellular systems. A cellular system is a system that provides reliable, uninterrupted 

security protection by sending wireless  signals from your home to the monitoring station and reports alarm activity instantly and 

securely. Key Features are no need for traditional land lines (phone lines), excellent alarm communication speed, and no unsightly 

wiring, no cabling and no trenching.   

Ask about other new technologies today 256-721-0400. 

  • Billing of Monitoring Fee:

A-Metro Security & Fire  bills once a year for monitoring (for rates please call  256-721-0400). 

A-Metro Security & Fire provides our customers with a courtesy reminder that the monitoring fee is due within 30 days.

In reference to monitoring, opening and closing, and automated routine testing, customers will see a bill once a year. A-Metro 

Security & Fire bills 30 days ahead for the monitoring, opening and closing, and automated routine testing. Billing is on the 

1st day of the month (in the previous month) in which the system was activated. This is the courtesy reminder that the payment 

is due within 30 days.

  • Service Agreements:

Our Monitoring agreements are valid for one year and renew each year unless written notice is given.

  • Invoicing:

After a system is connected with monitoring (put online)  payment is required immediately for all services and monitoring.

Service related invoices will be billed upon Owner Bill Journey's discretion.

All Invoices require payment upon receipt. 

  • Accounts:
Timely payments are required to ensure continuous monitoring of your system. If cancelling monitoring, please provide a notice as 

soon as possible. Payments not received within 60 days of invoice notice could result in deactivation of monitoring. The balance 

that remains is expected.