For Commercial:

    A-Metro Security and Fire specializes in customized security for Commercial 

Businesses with emphasis on Burglary, Fire Protection, CCTV (video

surveillance), Access Control, Paging, Data Wiring and Telephone Systems.

A-Metro Security and Fire also offers burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and much

more including wireless monitoring. A-Metro Security and Fire

installs, services and monitors a variety of systems. A-Metro Security and Fire

can design custom system solution that best fits your companies needs. 
Commercial Entities trust 

A-Metro Security and Fire to keep their  people and property safe and secure. 


    Having a monitored security system greatly reduces the risk of theft or inventory loss and reduces the chance your business 

will be broken into or vandalized. A security system allows your business to be safe (assets, information, and people) any time of

the day. A monitored security system is good reassurance that if a serious threat does arise our monitoring station will alert

professional emergency help immediately! This brings peace of mind knowing you are monitored by trained professional 24 hours

a day through our central station (a live representative). From signals sent from the panel the monitoring company notifies the

local authorities and they dispatch immediately. 

    Panic buttons are an option to add to any security system. Panic Buttons or Hold-Up Switches are typically a single button (portable or 

stationary device) that are operated by pressing (often with your finger) and designed to send an instant signal (triggering an alarm) to the 

monitoring station from the control panel often silently. Panic Buttons or Hold-Up Switches provide you and your employees with peace of mind 

knowing that help will arrive fast in the event of a hold-up or emergency. Protect Employees, your Business, Customers, Clients and yourself.



Safeguard your business against Theft, Hold Up or Robbery. Have A-Metro Security and Fire’s 

licensed and trained technician install your security system today Call 256-721-0400.

Fire Protection:

    Fire systems (i.e. smoke and heat detection) are a necessity and critical in keeping your business and assets protected in the event of a fire. Fires 

can have disastrous affects on a business. As a building or business owner, it's your responsibility to maintain a fire system. We design fire alarm 

systems for the specific needs of the building too. 

    When you have a monitored fire system installed at your place of business our central station 

(monitoring center) quickly dispatches local emergency response to the business keeping employees safe 

and minimizing property damage. An alert warning is sounded by a siren to alert occupants of the danger 

and move them to safety. Addressable fire zones pinpoint the location of the fire helping fire departments 

extinguish the fire quicker-when dealing with fire…seconds count. Contact A-Metro Security and Fire to 

learn more about the benefits of adding a monitored Fire System at your business immediately, 256-721-0400.


    Fire Alarms are required by law in many building and maintained and inspected by a qualified person
regularly in accordance with the 

NFPA standards. Did you know, in 2011, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the United States? These fires caused 3,005 civilian deaths, 

17,500 civilian injuries, and $11.7 billion in property damage (National Fire Protection Association, 2012). However, 484,500 were 

structure fires, causing 2,640 civilian deaths, 15,635 civilian injuries, and $9.7 billion in property damage.

Video Security Surveillance System /CCTV (Closed Circuit TV Camera Systems):

    Monitor your Business even further by installing a Video Security Surveillance System/CCTV Systems (Closed Circuit TV).

Installing a CCTV system helps you protect your property and assets from theft or damage, and for the safety of personnel.

You can monitor inside and outside of the business or anywhere needed and have it be accessible via your computer or

mobile phone.

    A wide variety of CCTV cameras are available. We recommended IP (internet protocol) or network capable cameras. Our brands

include Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, and Vivotek to name a few. CCTV cameras are a fundamental piece of equipment in which

permits the effective monitoring of a location. DVR recorders or Digital Video Recorders support an extensive range of standard

and specialist CCTV cameras and accessories (traditionally housed on-premise) to fulfill security and surveillance requirements.

Ask A-Metro Security & Fire for new and exciting technologies and equipment available (256-721-0400).

    Camera's and Camera Systems enable people to have the ability to record critical details and to analyze specific 

events by viewing the recorded activity. CCTV cameras aid in investigations by providing crucial evidence that 

determines criminal convictions and also can protect property owners from litigation. Camera's can reduce crime 

by deterring criminals while assisting in the prosecution of those who do commit offences. 

    A-Metro Security & Fire professional and trained technicians are here to help design a system that specific to your needs that includes suitable 

cameras, recording and monitoring equipment, and the appropriate communications network.

  • Keep an eye on your Business, Church or Campus (i.e. entry/exits, main areas of activity, offices or other areas of interest).
  • Monitor vulnerable outdoor areas, such as the premises, entrances and exits, and parking lots with an outdoor camera option. 
  • For indoor concerns, use at entrances/exits, offices, and main points of interest areas etc.



Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems control access to your facility. The system is often used in the following locations:

·         Main entrance                  ·         File rooms                  ·         Storage rooms                     ·         Server rooms                  ·         Closets

·         Display cases                    ·         Cabinets                     ·         Bathrooms                            ·         Garage doors                  ·          Lobby    
·         Gates                                 ·         Freezers                     ·         Turnstiles                             ·         Main Offices  


    Every business has a need to keep their valuable data and assets inside while 

keeping threats outside. There is a need to protect people too and having the

ability to instantly add, allow, restrict or deny someone’s access is priceless. An

access control system can provide your business with full control of your facility

in a simple user-friendly way and make daily business operations easier.

Keep employees and clients more secure, add, delete or modify employee access levels (authorized personnel only-different

employees may need different access privileges), and eliminate staffing issues by installing an access control system.

    The system can be customized to meet your unique business needs (restrict or allow access based on time or day too). The

services range from single to multiple door access points and come with an access control reader (electronic), key cards or

proximity cards (unique card), and software. Ask about remote features and other access control systems available such as bio-

metric technology (fingerprint readers, hand scanners, face recognition terminals, etc.). Higher technological advantages are

dependent on software and system. Not only do these access systems grant or deny access, but they have the capability to store

and maintain history of the system activity (through programming, allow you to know where and when) and can generate

management reports and other performance functions.

    You will no longer have to deal with costly and time consuming keying and re-keying the

doors/locks within your facility each time an employee leaves or a key is lost or stolen; which could be

an immediate security threat to your business, facility, or personnel. No more need to replace locks in

case of lost keys: lost cards are simply disabled and new ones are issued immediately. Access control

is simple and secure. Schedule a security consultation today.

(i.e. in case of a power cut, rest assure that doors will automatically open or shut depending on how you decided to set up your access control system. In case of a fire, they automatically open (certain requirements exist to support emergency situations).

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