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Caller: Andy Himberg-Larsen
Email: andy.himberglarsen@gmail.com
Phone: 633-4222

Important Dates:

February Dances:

February 4 - dancing as usual at Amethyst
February 11 - NO Amethyst Dance
Valentine Dance at Jumbo Gardens on February 14
February 18 & 25 - NO Amethyst Dance

March 4 - dancing as usual at Amethyst

Round Dance Lessons:
Learn to round dance with Cuer Marlene Zimmer 
9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Saturdays - West Arthur Community Centre
Contact Marlene at 577-2731 to register

Rate: $8.00 per couple

January 12th and 26th

February 9th and 23rd

March 9th and 23rd

April 6th and 27th (not 20th Easter week-end)

May 4th (windup lunch at Boston Pizza)


This year, between our usual sumptuous dinner, and the beginning of the dancing, we had some special things to do.

First, we said 

Then we said

for over 20 years (Wow! That's a long time!) of calling for us.

Thanks from the District         and the  Amethyst Club

Sandy gave the same speech after receiving each "Thank you" so I will quote the whole speech, but just once:

He said "I'm retiring". 
(A man of few words!!) 


And of course, we danced. You can see those pictures by clicking on the link

Cuer: Marlene Zimmer

Square Dancing Etiquette

To see a list of the courtesy behaviours we promote as square dancers,

Reminder: Since several of our members are highly allergic to scents, you are reminded to kindly refrain from wearing perfume, after shave lotion, or other scents which can cause those members extreme discomfort.

Regular Dances

When: Every Monday from 7:30 - 9:30 P.M.
Where: West Arthur Community Centre
            1914 Arthur Street West
            Thunder Bay, ON

We also said

to our


and a special thanks to

     Bea for all she does for us
    (including getting Sandy to the dances)

We also had a visit from two very special guests
(They're the ones standing)