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What we do

Amethyst has developed practices in a number of disciplines over the years;

Change Management

Change is the only constant in business. Businesses evolve piecemeal. New products or services are developed; new regulations must be met; new reporting systems are introduced; this evolution increases the complexity of:
  • operational processes which deliver goods and services to the customer
  • management processes which develop and control the business.
As processes change and develop, so must the organisation which supports them.

Amethyst has developed or contributed to successful change management programmes, notably for British Airways World Cargo, First Choice and American Express.

E-Commerce - Overview

Put simply, this is your business presence on any Customer Touch Point delivered through electronic channels;

  • the Internet
  • Digital TV
  • Customer Contact Centre

whether purely informational or fully transactional.
“Customer Touch Point” is generally defined as the way a customer chooses to interact with a organisation. Today customers tend to interact with a organisation via standard mail, e-mail, voice, Fax, Web, Web Chat, and Web Co-Browse through various devices like PDA’s, Communicators, etc., which can communicate via various telephony mechanisms such as wireless.
'Delivery Channel' is generally defined as the way you provide the customer with what they need. Soft Delivery Channels are the same as Customer Touch Points when you can provide what they need through these channels, such as technical support. Hard Delivery Channels are required when physical products have to be shipped via various methods or services that have to be physically provided.
A channel have more than one touch-point; for example, within the web-channel there could be e-mail, chat, form each being a different touch point.

The Web will provide multiple touch points such as Web Chat and Web Co-Browse and e-mail. The ability to see every interaction a customer has had - no matter what touchpoints they used - is a capability called 'Blended Media'.

Amethyst has been at the forefront of e-Commerce from before it was even known as E-Commerce, most recently for First Choice and Boathow.com

New Media

We are used to 'old media'; print, TV, radio, mail-shots, the paper application form for just about everything. We think we know how they work, why they work (even why they don't work).
'New media' covers all the Customer Touch Points which use digital media:

  • the Internet
  • mobile commerce over WAP
  • customer contact centres
  • webmail
  • web-chat
  • web-casting
  • streaming video
  • Interactive Digital TV (IDTV)
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Amethyst has advised on and developed solutions using new media for First Choice and Boathow.com.

Content Management

Any major web business development relies on the content presented within it. With the convergence of e-commerce, internet, document management, image management, business process and workflow control, one thing is clear: content is king.

Content Management covers a range of disciplines:

  • content authoring
  • content editing
  • organising, classification and indexing
  • content logging and approval
  • content publishing
  • content maintenance and housekeeping
Not to mention the technical dimension which goes with it; development of
  • CMS infrastructure
  • databases
  • local and remote update
  • navigation
  • coding and classification
  • import, export, syndication

Amethyst has advised on and developed solutions using content management for Thomson SHG, First Choice and Boathow.com.