Grim Fandango Cosplay

Manny and Meche at A-Kon 18

Hello there,

Here you can see photos of the Grim Fandango costumes created and worn by Amy and Sterling, two friends currently studying in animation at the Art Institute of Dallas. More photos will be placed on this page as they're found.

Because the photographs are taken by various persons, names of the photographers and links to their galleries will appear beneath their respective photographs, if the information is available to us.

Higher resolution versions of some photographs can be given upon request. Our email is at the bottom of the of the page, if you actually want higher-rez versions, for some strange reason.

A note from Amy:

It should be known that Sterling and I hope to continue improving on these costumes until they are spot-on, provided we have the time between school, work and life. I have some personal qualms about my costume, and Sterling's head/mask unfortunately started falling apart on him during the convention. That being said, I hope to wear an improved version of my Meche costume at a future event, and hope that my good pal, Sterling, will be right there with me, wearing a revised Manny costume!

Here are the photos!

Taken by Aragashi

Photo taken by our awesome friend, Olivia!

Also taken by Olivia!

Again, taken by Olivia. She manged to sneak a couple in while we weren't posing!

Taken by Olivia. We need to work a little on our poses, heh heh!

Taken by Philip at DMG Ice. Amy has emailed about possibly getting a larger version of this picture.

Taken by a fellow named "Nick," who emailed the photograph to us.

Taken by Nathan Bernhardt.

Taken by Kelsey

This gorgeous photo was sent to us by Omar Karaman. 

Another lovely photo sent to us by Omar :)