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Toy Dolls

Origin of Toy Dolls:
Toy dolls became extremely popular in the 1960s. The Barbie was the most popular of toy dolls, which was created in 1959.  Barbie dolls were introduced at the American International Toy Fair in New York.  Ruth and Elliot Handler created Barbie after seeing a doll called "Lilli," who was supposed to appeal to adults because of her large breasts and revealing clothing.  The couple wanted to create the same adult character, but a little more appropriate for children.  The doll Barbie was named after their daughter, Barbara.  It became a major part of American culture, not because it was a new idea, but because it was affordable.  Trolls and GI Joe action figures were created afterwards after industries saw how popular the toy dolls were with children.


These are all some of the first Barbies that were created in the 1960s.  The Barbies wore the same style of clothing that was popular during the sixties and as the fashions change, so did Barbie's clothing.

Change it made to America:
These dolls have changed what types of toys children play with, even today.  They occupy children and have made it easier for parents by giving them distractions so they can get more work done.  barbies and GI Joe action figures have also became a role model for young teenagers.  Girls want to have the looks and figure of Barbie as men want to look strong and masculine as GI Joe does.  Both of these toy dolls have become heroes in the eyes of younger children and has also encouraged children to want to grow up faster than they should.

Since 1960, the Barbies have changed to match all of the different styles that are popular within each decade.  These are all Barbies from 2012.

This is a GI Joe from 1964.  They were created in inspiration to Barbie dolls because boys wanted to have a doll to play with too.