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Training at the first Pencak Silat school in the Northwest

     Welcome to the homepage for the Southwest Washington branch of the Amerindo Pentjak Silat school.  Amerindo mean American and Indonesian, to signify respect for the founders birthplace and current home.  

    Silat is one of the worlds oldest and most effective forms of martial arts.  Amerindo Silat is comprised of 4 family styles of Silat; Pukulan, Cimande, Mustika Kweetang, and Bela Diri.  Each of these styles has different strengths and training methods, and training in all 4 provides the student with very well rounded self defense skills.  All ranges of combat are trained, and weapons such as sticks and knives are taught, giving the Silat student almost endless options in any given situation.  

    The grandmaster, or in Indonesian Pendekar, is Jim Ingram.  Pendekar Jim Ingram is a decorated war veteran, and is a survivor of the Japanese concentration camps on the Indonesian islands.  He was trained in pukulan by his father, who was the chief of police. Since the age of nine, he has continuously practiced in Silat for over 70 years.  He has trained thousands of students over the years, including some famous players like Danny Inosanto, and is recognized the world over as a true master of Silat.  

    His oldest student outside his family is Noel Shaver, who is the Guru, or teacher, of this school.  He has trained with Pendekar Ingram for over 40 years, and still continues his education with his teacher on a regular basis.  Guru Shaver is dedicated to the teaching of Silat, and has taught students in many different states across America as well as several different countries.  His main focus is developing self defense skills that are effective in the real world as well as the training hall.  The techniques he shows are simple and direct, and with proper training, incredibly deadly.  

    Pendekar Ingram teaches his students like they are family, and that is how Guru Noel teaches as well.  Respect (Hormat) for teachers and other students is one of the most important things at the school, and students who do not show respect and care for the teacher and the other students will not be invited to return.