Specific Industry Plans & Reports

No industry stands alone in today's economy. They are all dependent on each other    the future of manufacturing is intertwined with that of transportation, energy, education, health care, construction, defense, banking, mining, information technology, telecommunications, retail and other industrial sectors.The following are links to web sites and open access documents laying out views and/or plans for the future with regards to specific industries and the challenges we face:

  • Agricultral Demand in 2050 - A growing variety of reports available on meeting global demand for Agricultural Commodities by 2050.
  • Banking in 2050 - A report on the future of financial services by PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) entitled "Banking in 2050: How big will the emerging markets get?"
  • Energy & America's Future   - Securing America's Future Energy web site features a report entitled "A National Strategy for Energy Security."
  • Engineering Research & America's Future  - A report on the critical role of engineering research in maintaining U.S. technological leadership by the National Academy of Engineering.
  • Environment & Conservation - A web site containing a series of reports predicting environmental conditions on Earth by 2050.
  • FutureFood 2050 - A non-profit organization helping to explore and advance the science of food, both for today and tomorrow.
  • Future of Government - World Economic Forum report on the 'Future of Government' - Flat, Agile, Streamlined, Tech-Enabled (FAST).
  • Future of Health Care: It's Health, Then Care - A report by CSC/Leading Edge Forum on the future of health care and eHealth technological innovations helping  to drive and suport the changes taking place.
  • Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds - Latest report by the National Intelligence Council.
  • Health Care Horizons 2020 - The Health Horizons Program has been mapping the landscape of challenges and responses for health care in 2020.
  • Immigration & America's Future   - This report by the Independent Task Force on Immigration and America’s Future addresses the need to meet strong economic and social demands for legal immigration and the imperative safeguard national security.
  • National BioEconomy Blueprint - Outlines steps agencies will take to drive the bioeconomy—powered by research & innovation in the biosciences.
  • 'Open Government' Initiatives - Information on the many innovative 'Open Government' projects & activities aimed at transforming how governments will work in the future.
  • Physicists, Particle Accelerators & America's Future - This web site and associated report addresses the importance of physicists and particle accelerators in serving medicine, industry, energy, the environment, national security, and discovery science.
  • Postal Service & America's Future  - In their new action plan for the future, the Postal Service is now calling for greater flexibility so it can adapt its business model to serve the needs of 21st century customers.
  • Rising Above the Gathering Storm - A National Academies Press report on energizing America to prosper in the global economy of the 21st century.
  • Space & America's Future  - A detailed report of the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board published by the National Academies Press on "America's Future in Space: Aligning the Civil Space Program with National Needs".
  • Supply Chain & Logistics in 2050 - A series of reports on the Logistics, Supply Chain, and the Material Handling Industry in the future.
  • Teaching & America's Future - The web site of the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future
  • Telecommunications & National Broadband Plan for America - The National Broadband Plan which lays out a roadmap to America's future that will stimulate economic growth, spur job creation, and boost our capabilities in education, healthcare, and more.
  • Transportation & America's Future - Policy recommendations by America 2050 calling for a strategic national transportation plan that provides the underpinnings for robust, competitive and sustainable growth in the 21st century.

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YouTube National Academies of Science Innovation Report

* Read the latest National Intelligence Council (NIC) report released in January 2017 entitled Global Trends 2035: Paradox of Progress

Specialty Reports & Articles
* See other 2030 Industry Reports identified by Google Search

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