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The following are a selection of web sites and open access special reports & studies that provide information that may have a bearing on our future:

National priorities for the U.S. ought to include – ensuring national security, providing clean and affordable energy, protecting the environment now and for future generations, educating an engaged citizenry and a capable workforce for the 21st century, improving our health care system, maintaining a leadership position in global economic competitiveness, and working internationally to build a safer world. A common element across all these urgent priorities is the key role that research and development (R&D) and technological innovation will play in solving problems and advancing our national interests across the board.

* See the Core Documents of Our Democracy in the U.S. maintained by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).

YouTube Global Trends 2025 Report

IFC on Doing Global Business

According to a report from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on DoingBusiness in a Transparent World, the United States is the country with the biggest rich-poor gap of the more than 180 countries they examined. On providing health care, it ranks 23rd; on access to education 20th. The report's ranking shows that the U.S. is better at doing business than it is at social justice but even on the business front, it is no longer the best overall.  -  See Reuters News Article

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