Open Data & Software Tools

The following are links to selected Open Data, Open Access Reports, & Open Source Software tools that can be used to help forecast the future facing the U.S. and the world.
  • Census & Survey Processing (CSPro) System - Free software packages used for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating US and global census and survey data.
  • CIA World Fact Book - Providing information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, military, communications, transportation of countries around the world.
  • CropLife International - Maintains several databases of facts and figures relating to agriculture and the plant science industry, food security, climate change, technology, economics, etc.
  • Data.Gov - Interactive data sets, software apps and other tools made available by the U.S. government.
  • Data.Education.Gov - U.S. Department of Education interactive data tools, data sets, and reports on education in America. 
  • Google Public Data Explorer - Making large public datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate.
  • IFC Global Economic Data - An array of global economic data for researchers, policy makers, and others.
  • NationMaster - Compilation of statistics from such sources as the CIA, UN, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, etc.
  • Ocean Data.Gov - Portal to 'open' databases than can help us in planning for the future of our oceans, coast, and Great Lakes.
  • RapidMiner - Open source data mining, analytics, & predictive software tools.
  • 'R' Project - An open source data mining, statistical analysis and predictive modeling software suite. Check out Revolution Analytics.
  • Stats America - Providing information on hundreds of economic and demographic indicators for states & communities across the U.S.
  • U.N. Statistical Databases - An Internet-based data service bringing UN statistical databases within reach of users around the globe.
  • USA_Spending.Gov - Established to provides reports to citizens on how the federal government is spending funds.
  • World Bank Open Data & Research - Making available information from World Bank data sets, national statistical systems, and research reports. Download Open Data & Software Tools.

See list of major free and open source software posted on Wikipedia. Also, check out TED Talks: What's Next in Tech.

Census Data

Gartner Report on Open Source Software

A recent survey by Gartner, Inc. found that more than half of organizations they surveyed have adopted open source software (OSS) solutions as part of their IT strategy. Nearly one-third of respondents cited benefits of flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and faster procurement processes as reasons for adopting OSS solutions. According to their survey, the amount of open source software (OSS) in organizations' portfolios will increase to more than 30 percent within the next 18 months. See Gartner Report

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World Bank Report

Access to environmentally and socially sustainable energy is essential to reduce poverty. Over 1.4 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries.  About 2.5 billion use solid fuels—wood, charcoal and dung—for cooking and heating. Every year fumes and smoke from open cooking fires kill approximately 1.6 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases.    World Bank - 2011