Non-Profit Organizations

The following are links to selected web sites or documents by Non-Profit Organizations (e.g. Alliances, Associations, Coalitions, Societies, etc.) laying out their views and/or plans for America's future:
  • Building the Nation's Infrastructure - The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) reports & recommendations aimed at bringing about a new era of U.S. investment in infrastructure that enhances our nation's prosperity and quality of life. 
  • CSIS & Next America - Foreign Policy  - An initiative of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a bipartisan, foreign policy think tank in Washington, D.C.
  • Futurism.Com - News media company covering the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations.
  • Institute for America's Future - Progressive's Viewpoint  - A network of scholars, activists and leaders across the country representing the progressive movement. It develops policy ideas and programs with a focus on the future of America.
  • National Committee for America 2050  - A a coalition of regional planners, scholars, and policy-makers focused on developing a framework for the nation's future growth.
  • Singularity Hub - Chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs, players, and issues shaping the future.
  • Smart Growth America - Researching, advocating fo,r and leading coalitions to bring smart growth practices to communities across the U.S.
  • World Economic Forum - Encourages businesses, governments and civil society to commit together to improving the state of the world as we move towards 2040 and beyond.
  • World Future Society - A nonprofit educational and scientific organization investigating how social, economic and technological developments are shaping the future.

* Also check out FutureTimeline.Net

"That Used To Be Us" by Friedman & Mandlebaum - Here's an excerpt from this book with a succinct summary of historical fact.  In the 1990's, President Clinton's economic policies were designed in part to generate budget surpluses that could pay down the deficit and save Social Security and Medicare. The deficit reduction measures turned what was then the largest deficit in U.S. history into a budget surplus. Then came the administration of President George W. Bush. "The nation took leave of its fiscal senses, and simply stopped paying for anything" - except for huge tax cuts skewed toward the rich. The key phrase to note -  The 'Nation' Took Leave Of Its Fiscal Senses!

Predicting the Future back in 1920

The U.S. is rapidly losing its basis for leadership, wealth, and power in the world.  All Americans need to be more concerned about our future and hold our business and government leaders at all levels accountable for taking positive action to reverse the course of the past decade and putting us back on a path to a brighter future .

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