The following are selected links to blogging sites discussing the American Dream and a vision of the future for our country.


The term "futurist" most commonly refers to authors, consultants, organizational leaders, analysts and others who engage in interdisciplinary and systems thinking to advise public and private organizations on such matters as diverse global trends, possible scenarios, emerging market opportunities and more.

* Take the time to do a Google search for web sites on America's Future or the American Dream. It's interesting to see what pops up.

YouTube American Dream & Innovation Blog

America's Future

The future, with its many challenges and opportunities, is starting to unfold with some clarity. We're making the transition into 'green' technology, biotechnology, information technology, new transportation systems, online education, open source solutions, ehealth systems, robotics, and more. We're changing old ways of doing business, moving to a global focus, public and private sector collaboration, 'open' solutions, and continuous innovation in this 21st century "Information Age. "   -   Peter Groen on America's Future: 2020-2050

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